Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


I’ve just bought the same RavPower 65W battery. Not tried it yet but I expect a good few hours use of a single Elektron box.
Will update soon.


Received the Ravpower today. Just finished fully charging it, plugged the digitakt PSU in, and the DT works as expected. Very pleased with this!


Kind of a strange concept this battery pack.

It is 12VDC and then it converts 12VDC to 220 VAC, and then DT’s power supply converts it back to 12VDC…

I wonder about the efficiency…or loss in these transformations…personally I would prefer direct 12VDC out to DT.

Mind you, I’m not knocking it, just find it odd…


Good point :slight_smile: actually have no idea, but options are very scarce in Europe afaik. Most powerbanks only have usb, or are very expensive. I found a deal on this so went for it. I’ll do some testing to see how fast it depletes. I’m pretty sure it should give me more than enough power to run the DT for a lot of hours, even if it might not be the most efficient way. Plugging the DT in directly would worry me too much tbh. Probably unjustified, but Myeh…

The concept is more focused on using it to recharge your laptop for instance, or use small electrical household devices. So it’s not that that strange :). It’s just a portable power outlet.


This would be my weapon of choice that @Augenadler posted above.
It has more than a double capacity and straight 12VDC out.

But than when I look at the price 115€ I think…that’s a price of PO-33 KO :joy:


130 euro even (probably depends on your country’s tax). That’s 45 euro more expensive than mine. 50k mah is a bit excessive as well ;). With 10k you can already use it for many hours.


I can use my whole setup (OT, AR, AH, virus Ti, Midibox+Keyboard on this monster for at least 3.5h (tested). The novation circuit runs on it’s own batteries.

So… yes it’s expensive but hey. It can even chargy my laptop 3 times.


If you need that much power it is of course a great option. That speaks for itself I’d say :slight_smile:


There is nothing excessive in battery’s capacity.

All it means is that 10000ma battery will get recharged 5 times more often than a 50000ma battery. If you consider 3000 cycles are average lifetime…well you will replace your battery pack much sooner.


You do understand that 3000 cycles means you would get about 9+ years of use IF you deplete and recharge every single day right? No idea why that would be a motivation to buy a much bigger (in size as well) battery.

I get you don’t like the ravpower option. That’s totally fine :slight_smile:


This one works great! I haven´t checked how many hours I get out of it yet tho.


Can you use this on a A4 mkii?


All right, gotta get my hands on one of those! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m new on this forum! Thanks a lot for the tips :slightly_smiling_face:

I was looking this onem it seems very small and portable…
Will work? and how many hours autonomy with the digitakt?


Does this work, @Munro ? :slight_smile:


Yep, five hours of playing pattern!


Got myself the MAXOAK 50000mAh 185 (seems to be the same as PowerOak above)
Extremely powerful, pretty cool to use a couple :3lektron: boxes for hours + Keystep + Speakers…

I appreciate it that it doesn’t make a noise.

Only drawback is that it’s rather heavy (2kg iirc).
Maybe a little bit overkill indeed. But very well built.
Inspiring confidence.

Anyway, portable battery is a pleasure :slight_smile:


Battery power is the most purist and clean (not environmental, but powerwise) form of DC power you can get. Even the original PSUs don’t provide it like that. When you convert AC to DC there is always some “noise” from the original more or less sine waves and other leftovers from the power grid.
So as long as you do not use an battery with an inverter that gives you 240V AC but direct 12V DC out, you are fine.

No warranties, though. But I use equipment for 7k€ on battery quite regularly, I trust on it.


This one will work and has the proper barrel plug out= 5.5/2.5mm
I’m in contact with the company on warranty and quality of the batteries etc…

PS, all the step up cables 5vdc to 12VDC are useless because the USB power banks can’t supply enough power @ 12VDC. They give max 2.1A @ 5VDC.


hey, what splitter did you order? and from where? Want to power digitone and digitakt from my poweradd pilot pro 2 battery.