Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


total bonus!

I had ordered some extension cables from Jameco that have already arrived, and a couple 2.1 to 2.5mm adapters from Adafruit that arrive this Friday. These were just so I could use the included Y cable to charge the battery while running the DN or OTMKII. Treat it as the main PSU, in a sort of battery backup config for the OT (and have it always charged for when I need to go mobile.
But once these last couple of adapters arrive, and completely unintended, I’ll have everything I need to power both Elektrons off that battery.

On a side note, I’ll reiterate again, that there is a huge opportunity for a company to step in and make battery bottom cases for Elektrons, here.
Especially the DN/DT, as they could use the Vesa holes to mount them right on the bottom.


Anyone tried these batteries with A4?
Also, any issues carrying them on flights?

These days I’m away all the time and want to take the A4 for in-flight entertainment. But they’re always hassling me about carrying 10 Li-ion camera batteries, so I wonder how they’d react to a Li-ion brick?


Looks like the power requirement for the A4 and AR are the same. So the Poweradd should work. Not sure about the airline stuff. My gut feeling is no. An Amazon review said this. I have verified it so take it with a grain of salt, it may be outdated (it was from 2014):

There are many new IATA rules regarding the transportation of large lithium ion/polymer battery packs, and they may also vary between countries (USA versus other countries and different airlines (see web sites below). Your PowerAdd battery back is rated at 32000 mAh which is therefore 32 x 3.7 = 118.4 Wh which is above the 100 Wh limit. For larger (> 100 to < 160 Wh) battery packs you MAY have to obtain permission from the airline to take up to 2 of them as spares on-board (ONLY permitted as carry-on, not checked-in), you should also package them according to the IATA guidelines (in their original box with electrical tape-sealed input/output ports to prevent a short circuit), and MAY also request you to present a safety sheet for the UN standards (see web pages below). I don’t know whether or not this company (PowerAdd) has performed these tests and will supply you with the safety test sheet (see below where I have found few companies I contacted would provide me with this safety sheet for their lithium ion/polymer batteries.
Lithium Ion/Polymer Batteries allowed on Airlines, packaging and taping the inputs/outputs, AND VERY IMPORTANTLY THE NEW REGULATIONS FOR THE UN MANUAL OF TEST CRITERIA PART III SUBSECTION 38.3 AND DROP TEST IATA DGR 49:

Flights in the USA
British Airlines:
Cathay Pacific:

Spare Lithium Battery Protection:
IATA Updated Lithium Ion Passenger Sheet:

IATA Fuller Sheet on Lithium Ion/Polymer Batteries:
UN Manual of Test and Criteria Part III Subsection 38.3:
VERY IMPORTANTLY, the airline MAY require the passenger to obtain permission before taking on-board a lithium ion battery of > 100 Wh and < 160 Wh capacities (only allowed as carry on except for some medical devices), with protection from damage (in original packaging with the input and output plugs taped, and with a copy of the UN Manual of Test and Criteria Part III Subsection 38.3 (Test T1 to T8) and Drop Test IATA DGR 49 sheet showing that the battery passed all of those tests.
I have found that lithium ion/polymer battery suppliers are reluctant to provide you with this sheet or have not tested their batteries to this standard. Anker told me they could not give me this test sheet for their 20000 mAh (74 Wh) Astro Pro 2 Gen 1 battery, Goal Zero were testing their 100 Wh Sherpa 100 battery pack but a company correspondent told me that they would not provide me with the test sheet, while BIxPower immediately provided me with their fully detailed and successful UN Manual of Test and Criteria Part III Subsection 38.3 and Drop Test IATA DGR 49 sheet for their BixPower BP 160 (153 Wh) lithium ion battery pack, and which was signed by the Engineering Manager! This company (BixPower) was the only one I found at that time who was prepared to comply with the IATA and provide such a safety sheet for these tests:

  1. T1 Altitude
  2. T2 Thermal Cycling
  3. T3 Vibration
  4. T4 Shock
  5. T5 External Short Circuit
  6. T6 Impact
  7. T7 Overcharge
  8. T8 Forced Discharge
    And B: Drop Test IATA DGR 49
    I believe that the latter test sheets may be increasingly requested by airlines to prevent inexpensive, poorly manufactered, and therefore potential dangerous large lithium ion/polymer batteries being transported, and I would not wish to be denied permission to transport a lithium ion/polymer battery or, worse still, get prosecuted due to transporting a large lithium ion/polymer battery on an airline which inadvertently caught fire without also having a copy of the PASSED UN test safety sheet for that particular battery.
    In conclusion, I believe that it is very important for yourself and fellow passengers to strictly comply with the IATA and airline safety rules regarding these batteries and ensure that you buy safe batteries which have sucessfully passed all of the appropriate safety tests for which the UN Tests safety sheet is provided


Thank You.
That’s way better than the response I got at check in this morning, which was “Don’t know. Isn’t one enough?”. (Not while I have to carry 2 cameras for a living!)

So it looks like it’s a no go for A4 in-flight entertainment.


These are exactly the reasons why I went with a stupidly expensive Chargetech battery (portable power plug).


I think the Omnicharge is ok. But it’s much more expensive than the Poweradd.


That’s actually a good idea! Still cheaper as a new Elektron gear. Can you tell me which one you got and what gear you power with? I’m really tempted to buy one of these.


Check with the airlines you fly.
Mine is a 132Wh, and Delta allows for up to 160Wh so long as the battery is properly stowed in carry on (as @Sinamsis mentioned, original box, electrical taped ports)


this one

It can power OT, AR, A4,AH or DN, probably others too. The only limitations I am aware of is that it does not supply ground (obvsly since it a battery), so equipment requiring ground might not work optimally with it. Also, only one socket - although whether or not one could attach am extension cord/distributor, not sure.

The battery does get quite hot during use, but chargetech says it is to be expected.


Thanks a lot! I searched for something to power my OT and A4, this’s is perfect!


Hi, I’m based in the UK. Can someone recommend a battery for DT only, without using the power plug that came with the DT, and LESS THAN 160 Wh so that I can actually take it on holiday?


EDIT: Ok I just went for this. 93Wh so safe for flights, and 5 hours of DT use. That’ll do!


This one, how many hours of Digitakt use is to be ecpected? Do you know?



Dear All,
I’m wondering if you have suggestion how to feed a Digitakt and A4 from battery?


With the poweradd no problem


Got the Inepo for its small size and price. Way more fun to use than I had expected. Arriving early to work and messing around with the Digitakt hooked to the car’s AUX is too much fun.


I have the Inepo as well…seems to work great, although I haven’t traveled with the Digitakt as much as I thought I would…always end up grabbing the OP-1 or Pocket operators when I’m going somewhere. Does the supplied cable on the Inepo seem a bit tight to you? Seems to take a little more force to plug it into the Digitakt than the Elektron power supply. It’s tight going into the Inepo as well though so maybe it’s just the way the plug is made.


It’s snug, but I wouldn’t say it is tight enough to damage the port.


Allright people, I’m based in Sweden, any suggestions on what to get to make the DT work on the road?

Much appreciated!


PowerOak K2 Notebook und Laptop Power Bank / 50000mah / 185wh / 6 Port 5V, 12V, 20V / 2 Jahre Garantie / Maximum power 5A at 20V port / Nicht fur Apple Macbook / Ultra-High density / Anpassungsfähig fur andere Geräten https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01CAMQ3YW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_SJWKAbZNGSBJM

Works perfect. With adaptor 1x4 I can use my gear on battery for about 6h (OT, AR, Virus Ti, iConnect4+)

Due to regulations, 185Wh are nothing to take on a plane :wink:


@Skyddsrum Ordered the RAVPower 65W 20100mAh Powerstation. It’s available in Europe (battery options are scarce indeed in europe for some odd reason, probably regulations…) . It has a AC outlet so I can keep using the Elektron PSU. Should give plenty of power for hours and hours :slight_smile:

Will let you know if it works as expected!