Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


+1 for the Omnicharge. The build quality is superb and the little screen is very informative. It’s slim and not heavy. Add the flexibility with DC output voltage settings and it goes to the top of the heap for me.

I also recently went through two hand inspections at US airports (domestic and international) with it and they took a look at the FCC and mAh rating sticker / decal on the back and waved it through. Be sure to get the Pro pack, though, since that has all the DC barrell connectors.

Obligatory snap of it in action.


I have links in my post from February 7.


i tried to use this battery to power my DT and AH at the same time and it didn’t work. it will power one of them but not both together. i don’t have the exact same cables that Sinamsis used. might return it and see about another option.


i tried to use this battery to power my DT and AH at the same time and it didn’t work. it will power one of them but not both together. i don’t have the exact same cables you used, so it might be an issue with that. I
might return it and see about another option


Which talentcell did you get? Also- do you know if it can be taken onto an airplane? Or at least how I can check out if it can be taken onto a plane?



Scroll up

It’s fine for the plane. Be sure to place electrical tape over the DC in/out jacks during travel.


You’re the best! Thank you very much!


I read the whole thread but I have a question that is not clear enough for me:

I want to buy an external battery for the Octatrack MK1. The power requirements says 6V DC 3A, but lot of the battery packs you recomend doesn’t supply 6V !!! How is that?

Does the Octatrack work with a 9V battery too?


Hey DaveMech how is this ravpower battery? You tried it with a couple devices? whats battery life like on DT for example? I ordered an omnicharge but i may send it back and get this one as it is a good bit cheaper. Thanks


@Mcpepe No, it must have 6V.

The Omnicharge 20 allows you to set the DC barrel port in 0.1V increments, which is one of the reasons I chose it.


I think it gives me 8-10 hours of DT use, but I have yet to use it that long with DT. I can charge my camera around 8-10 times as well, my phone around 8 times as well I recon. It’s pretty powerful. The power outlet isn’t the most efficient way of powering the DT, but I could power my modular as well for a few hours if I want, charge my laptop, etc. :slight_smile:

The price difference is substantial enough and was part of the reason I chose this. And the power outlet opens a couple of doors for me for future videos ad well.


Just use a 12V to 6V Voltage reducer.
I built them into my boxes (OT, MD), there’s enough space. So you can use them savely with 12V and 6V

SODIAL®DC Power Konverter Regler Modul Step-Down Adapter (12V/24V zu 6V 5A DC/DC) https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00LUKB3MI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_f0gXAbS6FA71R


Would you mind posting a photo of how you’ve wired that up, please? The usual “Don’t try this at home, kids!” caveats apply, of course. :slight_smile:


oh boy.
I’m not going to unscrew the OT or MD again, but I do a sketch on a photo for you.
How experienced are you with the soldering iron and the use of a voltmeter?
you have to be able to clearly identify the positive and the negative pole on the input switch.

hold on, i’m booting ms paint for you :wink:


Wow. What a piece of Art.

hope this helps.

it’s pretty easy since the input is RED and BLACK for 6-24V and the YELLOW and BLACK is always 6V, no matter the input voltage.

there’s enough space in the machines to safely tighten the voltage regulator if you extend the wires about 10cm each.


For those looking at the cheaper options. This one recommended above gives you 2-3 hours on the Digitakt. However, when I try to use it with the Digitone, I get DSP errors.

There are several of these on Amazon under different brands, probably all the same.


Nice! The Dada—ists would be proud. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. Seems I might be firing up the soldering iron soon.


I ordered that Poweradd Pilot Pro too. https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/B015NWVJMC/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A28QVT3E6UV0FU&psc=1
Curious If IT will Work with DN


Hi there, it is really good, i have it for my Digitakt. Lasts for ages!


Totally agree, LIFEPOWR FTW!

It’s compact and looks great. Should power it for about 9 hours I think.