Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


$65 for this one is about the closest you will get.
I tested it and it gives DT and/or OT MKII 20 hours of power.

Half that for the Analog boxes


If i run my gear with a battery/power-bank, is there a chance that this will damage my gear? Especially when the power runs out. Any bad experiences in this regards?

Would be nice if someone from Elektron can give a statement about this subject.


The question about battery packs running out of juice and causing damage to a unit keeps coming up. I’m not being a smart ass, but why do people keep asking this? Is there anything to suggest it would? Also, if it is a genuine concern why not get a large battery like the one listed above? If you get blindsided by a battery that has 20 hours of charge on it… I don’t know what to tell you haha.


Yeah I suppose your’e right. The PowerAdd Pilot Pro can power my Digitakt for much longer than I ever need at one time. And yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was able to go for 20 hours (Probably more like 14 but still).

Speaking for myself, though, I am very much ignorant when it comes to electrical knowledge and always want to err on the side of caution.


When I hear the question asked again and again, I just wonder if there’s something I’m missing. I’m by no means an expert, but the question suggest that something happens when the battery is about to run out, like a power surge of some sort that might cause damage to a device. I have no clue, but I have no reason to believe that this would happen. It kind of defeats the purpose of a UPS.

And regarding the units themselves. Suddenly losing power vs flipping a switch. I guess you could lose some of your work, but again I fail to see a logical explanation as to what might actually damage the unit by suddenly cutting off power. I’ll be honest, I have my Elektron gear connected to a balanced power conditioner. I usually turn off the machines before flipping the switch on the power conditioner. But I’ve certainly forgotten a few times. And no damage was done. Anecdotal I know. I’m just trying to understand why this question comes up repeatedly.


My 11,000 mAh Talentcell gives DT 20 hours of power, so you can expect at least that.


I believe mention was made somewhere that as the battery pack ages, it loses strength and may provide insufficient voltage, and the implication was that this could damage the Digitakt. It’s in this very thread I believe, but I’m too lazy at the moment to find it. I really have no idea if that’s a thing that could happen though.


Yeah, those statements seemed pretty vague. More like it cast a shadow of doubt that people ran with. It just seems the easy solution would be to not use the UPS until it’s close to being totally drained.


Wouldn’t insufficient (low) voltage only damage appliances that have motors?
Without a motor to spin up, it would seem that Elektrons would simply not power up with insufficient voltage, and only be prone to damage when too much voltage is provided to the instrument.

A non issue, really.


This is pretty much what I would have expected to be the case.


So yes… the Poweradd powers the DT and AR no problem. Had them running for an hour approximately with 10% loss of charge.


What type of cable do you use to power both simultaneously? And is that included with the battery?


what is that stand holding the DT ?


I ask the question because I do know a little bit about the subject and the insane complexity of modern hardware. I‘m have spent a lot of money for elektron gear. if someone who works for Elektron, says „ok you can do it without a risk of harming anything“, i‘m released, because those would be the last who would want that I have to send my gear in and get it repaired. I really don’t understand why you get so confused about users on a forum asking questions? Just because something „work‘s“ has nothing to do if it’s save or not. And i‘m not talking about just losing the current data.
But it May be no Problem.


That’s fine. But I’m asking is there a specific concern? As I said, I’m not being a smart ass, but I don’t think that “Why do you ask?” is a very unreasonable question. I’m asking if there is a specific concern that makes people ask this question, or if it’s just an attempt to be cautious, which is what you seem to be expressing.


The other side of the stand is reserved for the DO. The Vesa mount slides off, it can be tilted up and down, rotated in and out, and height is adjustable. I have the base bolted through the wooden board it’s on. I found the base wasn’t heavy enough to provide adequate stability. I also have my Heat on an articulating arm. I need to get a less angled stand for my AR so that it sits underneath a little better.



interesting way to free up some space, I never noticed the holes in the back of the DT to be honest. thx for the tip!



My Talentcell battery came with a splitter cable to use for charging the battery while using it.
It’s also 2.1mm, so I reckon with some of these 2.5mm adapters you linked, I could do the same with my OTMKII + DN.

This is very helpful. Thank you again!


Anything that is a Vesa mount should work the Heat style case. It does save space, but it’s mostly for ergonomics. I use the DT to sequence my modular, so I can swing it in when I want it, and swing it out when I don’t. Also the adjustable tilt is crucial. I really like having a degree of tilt when I use the Elektron boxes, it prevents me from having to stand over them and bend my neck too much. Also, it was the only way I could get the Rytm below and the DT/DN (is that what we’re calling it now?) stacked above like that. I don’t like having them spread out too far apart.

And any time AdamJay. Ha I was pleasantly surprised that all those ended up working out, and I have enough now to hook up the DN as well.