Digitakt carry bag or case

I know it’s an old post, but, for the sake of posterity, the Blipcase is awesome but NOT as an Elektron DigiTakt/Tone case. The devices are too tall with the protector lid, too tall without the lid and the protector foam it ships with, and too short without that foam.

You could probably cut and shape the foam, or buy some different foam, but the stock stuff won’t work well.

Yep, I have one also and it’s absolutely perfect for dragging one of my Digi boxes to work for some lunch-time jamming, plus it’s a lunchbox so it doesn’t garner any unwanted attention. :smiley:

Do you mind to tell me how to connect the MIDI Twist Fighter to Digitakt? Thanks!


there is multiple ways like iconnectivity midi boxes (Mio2, Mio4, Mio10) or kenton midi/usb Host :wink:

This one, intended for a projector, fits DN nicely with room for adapters and some extras. Has a tie-down strap and a little extra depth for a battery for headphones. Going to add the Electron lid.


For posterity: the Pedaltrain Classic Jr pedalboard with soft case seemed like it might be a good fit, but it’s not. The bag is too “unstructured” (not enough padding or material to keep it upright), and the Digis are too big to fit inside with a lid. It’s possible the tour case would work better, but the dimensions of that one are too large for my needs.

Hopefully the Magma Carry Lite L someone had on another thread will work better! I’ll post a pic if it does.

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Thanks to @sndrsklr I think I’m sorted. Very excite!

The case is the Magna Carry Lite-L DJ Case


looks like a perfect fit :wink:

As @sndrsklr knows, I’ve had to return the Carry Lite L as the lid does NOT detach! It’s supposed to, according to Magma’s website… but it didn’t. Apparently, newer models have the detachable lid, but check your model number.

I ordered the XL model from another place and happened upon the best customer service I’ve ever received from an internet retailer. Keep Hollywooddj.com in mind for the future and ask for Allan. Tremendous customer service. He really went above and beyond!

For some reason these don’t appear to be available in the US, so shipping through Amazon costs half as much as the bag ($17-19). But, the additional cost is worth it! You’d think Elektron had made this bag given how well everything fits. What’s more, the inclusion of the Velcro strap that fits over a Digi with a decksaver/lid (!) makes me confident it won’t slide around and damage the finish. A+!

Thanks again for sharing!

Out of curiosity, how did you find the bag?

Thanks! I bought bought a Canon Selphy printer as a gift + carry case and one day I had an AHA! moment :slight_smile:

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Makes sense! Glad you gave it a try. :slight_smile:

I found an old Sega Dreamcast carrying case in my closet, still in perfect condition. My Digitone pops right inside perfectly, with extra pouches on the front and back for power supply, cables, etc.

I do need to get a top cover, although I would rather not pay $50 for a piece of plastic if I can avoid it.

Hey, how did the Digi with the lid end up fitting in this bag? That big ole plastic buckle makes me wonder.


Hey - Here it is buckled with lid. There is still >1" of space above the DN. The case is pretty flexible and I stuff my flat headphones case in there and it zips fine. It is not a super heavy-duty solution, but keeps everything together nicely and I feel safe taking it around town like this.

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By chance has anyone tried this case?

Looks like it might be just about the right size for digitakt and pr.ective lid… though no room for power supply…

I am happy with the Elektron ECC-3 bag.
Headphones are Audio Technica ATH-M50.
In the front pocket is the Elektron psu and also a battery pack and lead.


Anyone know a case that fits Dtakt, Dtone and Heat?


Just got this Carhartt lunchbox from Amazon. Will fit a protective lid and maybe some padding plus the power cable!


Digitakt + Digitone + Keystep in a Magma Carry Lite L Case.

Fits perfect but without any cable. But for the price of 66 euro quite perfect.

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