Digitakt carry bag or case


Thanks mate.


Like a glove.

Yesterday I found this camera bag at a flea market for 7 euros.

It looked to me like it was exactly the size of the digis. For 7 euros I had to take the risk. Today I went to the studio for a fitting.

Perfect. It even has three extra pockets for cables and accessories. Couldn’t be happier. It’s by a Finnish company called Golla. So if you stumble across one of their camera bags that looks like this, don’t hesitate, it’ll fit.


Nice find!


Anyone find an alternative to the plastic lid- 50 bucks seems really expensive for a piece of plastic.


hey spektralisk are you using the pl2-s plastic cover in addition to cover your knops? I havent one yet and dont wsnt to buy one for 50 € extra.


They DO seem expensive for what they are bit in actual fact, for WHAT they are, the price isn’t too crazy!
My wife made me aware of this.

She works for a company who makes food packaging - you know, like the little plastic cups you get fruit in at coffee shops, coffee cups, sandwich boxes etc.

To make one of these flimsy little things you need to firstly design it, then get moulds made, then start producing in bulk. For moulds to be made for these flimsy things it may only be a few thousand pounds.

The creation of a mould for the method that these Elektron and DeckSaver can cost ten-fold more.

So for a company to make these they have to shell out 10, maybe 20k on design and mould making then theres the cost of the premium clear material itself plus the fact they’ll have to do a minimum run of the stuff - so many thousand.

It’s a big investment for them so charging the near $50 ($39 here in the UK i think) helps them get their money back and some profit on the side. Profit made will likely be banked and used towards new product format mould work going forward (Elektron DigiMix16?).

So these guys really arent laughing all the way to the bank when you buy a lid.


recently bought decksaver for my Lyra8 for little over 55 EUR. Is it cheap? No, but it’s needed. I want to protect the gear to last a lifetime. All my Elektron boxes have decksavers, also Keys. Decksaver for Lyra8 is great but the ones for Elektron machines are even more sturdy and stable. Well worth the investment IMO.


Yeah - I used to work in the plastic accessories industry. Tooling is the major cost, and one of the biggest difficulties is achieving precise dimensions with plastic. It’s very hard to get dialed in just right, even after the mold is perfect (material temperature, cooling, etc.). The material cost is ultra-low, but the tooling and don’t forget that manufacturers aren’t going to run a batch of 10, 20, 50. They would much rather run in batch sizes into the 100s. That’s a lot of inventory for a company like Elektron to commit to. That all being said, I don’t have any elektron lids on my machines, but I’ll probably pick some up soon, considering a toddler who is learning to throw stuff right now. :joy::scream:


2 cases from thotho


Do you have a link to them?


Decksavers are really top quality, they are IMO absolutely necessary if you want to travel with your unit, it’s the only way to protect the encoders (changing them costs more than a plastic lid btw).

My favorite bag is Thomann Producer bag, in which you can put 2 A4/R mk2, or 2 OT, or 4 Digitwins. And all the cable necessary in the side pockets :slight_smile:


I work in a small media company. We do a lot of drone filming etc. A few weeks back the guys flew one of the more expensive drones into the baltic sea. Today my boss asked me if I needed/wanted the suitcase styled case for some of my projects. Otherwise, they’ll just throw it in the trash. Apparently we no longer have a drone to put into it.

Not bad. I measured it quickly and it seems that with small modifications I could fit 4 Elektron machines in that beatifully padded and kinda stylish bag.


You got free stuff. Hurray.


Whenever I think I’m having a bad day, I’ll remember this quote. Cheers!


58 eur


No I’m not using any plastic cover. This case I posted has foam finish at the top and bottom. This is enough protection for me.


I’ve bought Panaro MAX-004S (I think it is intended to be the gun case). Fits DT very well, however leaves only one “foam square” each side, from top and bottom. It was about $25 in Poland.



Yesterday I got a second-hand Thon case for my Digitakt and Digitone. I think it was originally built for some kind of Line6 floor system, but it’ll fit the digis and some cables too. Just have to get some foam and cut it so everything fits. I’ll post a pic when all is done :slight_smile:


You convinced me and I bought one :slight_smile:


Thanks to @Catchthehare I just got my Canon bag. And Digitakt fits perfectly in it. Initially I considered to get that big bag from Elektron for both DT and DN, as this combination is sort of a cool basic setup. But when travelling light it’s nice to concentrate on just one device, especially taking to account that I got my DN more or less recently, so I still spend hours tweaking it.

And PL lid is on it’s way, yay!