Digitakt carry bag or case



foam will not protect your encoders the way decksaver does


http://zebracase.com/zebracase-products.htm. The Z12 Compact looks great for the Digitakt, and relatively cheap. Too bad their number doesn’t work for me, and they haven’t emailed me back.


This cheap GoPro Bag is brilliant!
Search for “followsun 7in1” and go for the big version (around 10 Euro).


That’s really sick… What’s that app?


I‘m using a Magma Riot Heaphone Bag Pro!
Fits perfect. Still space for some cables in a separate pocket, power plug next to Digitakt!


Any ideas for carrying a DT DN combo?


Yes 2 x anything you like above :kissing_heart:


Yes, the bento bag, suggested here by @AdamJay Digitakt carry bag or case


Didn’t notice this bag was expandable when it was originally posted. This is a great option for 2 digi sized machines.


nice! thanks!


Here’s mine

You can find it here: https://www.thomann.de/pl/flyht_pro_wp_safe_box_3_ip65.htm

I highly recommend it! It’s really solid and well made. It comes with several layers of foam which is perforated so you can easy cut it to fit your needs.


nice. whats the Rode doing there?


Its for my iphone. I hoped it would work with DT but unfortunately it doesn’t :frowning: It needs external power. In case of phone it takes power from it, looks like it’s not the case with DT (maybe I need trrs 1/4 jack for that?). Btw if anyone knows that it actually works, let me know.


hmm, curious. Whats the model?


Rode VideoMicro http://www.rode.com/microphones/videomicro


Question: Where do I get foam padding that can be cut to shape?

I have an old hard case that would fit nicely, but I don’t know how to find the material for padding.




eBay too



Basically same as me. Got a tool box and filled it with bubble wrap. Heavy as hell tho.


For that microphone or any others that take “plug-in power” you can get adapters that provide that from a AA cell or other power supply. Just google “phantom power electret microphone” and you’ll see a variety of solutions for this problem. You can also use this mic into something like a cheap Zoom recorder or even a Sony portable voice recorder and back into your DT from that device’s headphone output. I don’t have a DT but I’ve used my Sony lecture recorder to provide this power to lavaliers that need the same sort of minijack psuedo-phantom power (~1-3VDC normally). You can also build a simple circuit to do that if you’re handy and have the parts laying around.

Regarding the carry cases (to stay on topic): does anybody here use the actual Elektron-provided newer series of cases (the ECC-3 or ECC-4)? I’m looking for feedback on those before I decide what to get, but I like the format and it looks like the ECC-4 can carry a laptop too? Or am I interpreting the promo photos wrong?