Digitakt carry bag or case

Sorry I don’t have a photo, was a snug fit, but sold with the novation, as use the Elektron bags to transport digi now, as for pushing on the encoders, that is hard to say, as never really checked, but was sturdy, but can see your point, sorry it’s not been much help

I thought I don’t need a single bag because I have bags for several units but then I had today a quick chance to plug the DT into a big system and needed a bag for the DT, incl Decksaver, that fits into backpack. By chance, I had an old neopren tablet sleeve and it turned out perfect - keeping the cover on the DT (stretchy neopren) and so slim that it fits into another bag. So, DT bags may also be found in the computer store :wink:


I use my MacBook pro 15’ neoprene sleeve
I put a towel around my Digitakt before I put it in the sleeve

I’m still using the original box. It’s getting pretty beat up but it’s going strong.

The rest of my gear all has nice cases, but the DT doesn’t (yet) and my Roli seaboard still travels in its original box, (the Roli box is pretty sweet for a gig box)

I’m eBay-eyeballing a pelican 1550 for the DT. I have a 1650 for my Rytm/OT rack and AH but DT doesn’t fit… Even in that huge clunky case

Nice! That Jaz Drive bag is PIMP! Maybe one of those hardcases for the Pioneer CDJs could work… Almost the same size… Need to take my DT to the store and check out cases… Might be that theres something with a perfect fit. I’d want my case to have an outlet for cables at the back so I never need to take the Machine out… Just pull out the cables and be ready to go.

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A hardshell case, I believe originally sold for portable DVD players (remember those?). Lightweight and good protection, also handles some rain, but not waterproof. Does not add any extra weight and makes DT really mobile. DT fits in with some cables and the lid.


yeah these boxes i know aas otterboxes. I think they are made by one manufacture and have differnt names in differnt shops or made by licence. I hvae small boxes for these for habanos (cuban cigars ) :slight_smile:

I have a sturdy shoulder bag designed for carrying a game console (not sure which one, it looks a bit smaller than most modern consoles) but would fit a digitakt perfectly—it even has a zipped compartment for cables/power supply, and also a zip out back section so cables can be plugged in without removing the unit… but I don’t have a digitakt. Do I need to get one just so I can carry it in the bag? :stuck_out_tongue:


NI Kontrol D2 bag


Almost looks like it could hold a full size (MK1) Elektron as well. Without PSU/cables, off course. Have you tested one?

I dont have one. You should check the demnsions of a kontrol d2. I only had to cut one piece of foam away, a 5 second job.

And this original bags of the kontrol go for €15 at some shops.


I ordered this hard case off of eBay for about £20:

You wouldn’t need the lid with this one, but it would probably fit in the case (I don’t have one to test).


  • Fits the Digitakt nicely.
  • Sturdy and offers more protection than most cases.
  • Cheap!
  • Easy to customise the size of the case with the removable foam.

Couple of notes/downside:

  • The height of the Digitakt was a bit too shallow when you take out the foam in the middle, so there was a bit of room for movement. You can put some of the included foam underneath, but I decided to just put an extra layer over the top that I had lying around for now, as shown in the photos.
  • Fitting the plug in next to the Digitakt is fine, but there’s no separate compartment, and it’s a little tight. You could remove the foam on the left hand side of the cable to give more room potentially.
  • No room for larger headphones.

Overall, pretty pleased. For twenty quid it’s a good case.


Thanks for the heads up on the jaz case - I found one on ebay and it is PERFECT

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Love this bag from Elektron but can’t quite swing the $75. I’m certain there is a very similar (or exact) bag out there without the Elektron name on it for much less. Any ideas?


With these small DVD bags I can with two of them into UDG Digi BackPack and there is plenty of room for extra pedals and effects. I can take Digitakt, Heat, Eventide H9 and Space. Thats a nice gig right there…


Hi, do you have a link? That looks perfect :slight_smile:

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Just got this. With the lid on its a little bit tight, which makes it perfect.
9eur. Say thanks to @jinxmuch.


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UDG bag is in big T

DVD bags are from ebay but thay are all gone for now. The similar really cheap option is from amazon:



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Seems that the Mac mini case would fit without cutting any foam, the Mac mini size is pretty close to the digitakt (but yes it’s double the price of the neewer :slight_smile: )

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