Digitakt carry bag or case


Made this from a camera case - just cut out the back for the connections so i can leave the DT in it.
Very handy with an Omnicharge and ipad.


Dude that’s siq




These Meeblip cases are 50% off right now, or $40. They’re tall enough to fit a Digitakt, and there’s plenty of room left over for cables, adapters, and some other choice bits of gear, as well as some cushioned dividers and such.


I bought the Go-Pro case from amazon basics and it’s really perfect. It’s tight without the lid though.


Yeah, I was looking for Blipcase for one of my smaller synths but the shipping to EU is 50 USD and even more expensive for two units… Other than that, the case looks great.


Canon DCC-CP2 Cream Carry Case for Selphy CP800 CP810 CP900 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001V7NBHU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_WCpnAbC2C77HE

I got one if these and the fit is absolutely perfect and snug. All the better with the PL lid. It does have a shoulder strap too not shown in the picture…! A couple extra zip pockets for cables and what not. UK plug is a touch tight but it fits fine and zips nice and easy. They have a grey version of the case too. All edges are reinforced


I just received the grey one, and a PL lid today. The bag looks great! Gonna wrap them up and gift them to myself for xmas. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the great tip!


Great stuff! Yeah the bag is tough and snug. I’m sure it even has room for a portable battery on top of the lid.


I got the Neewer GoPro bag and seems like a good fit (a little tight with the lid on but definitely works. can’t beat it for the price.


It’s a Seahorse SE300 and it fits the Digitakt with Elektron’s PL-2 protective lid safely and perfectly with a little foam below it. There’s even room for its adapter and a few cables!

Not only does it look funky; it’s even supposedly fully waterproof!

EDIT: This fits a Digitakt fine, and I assume a Digitone equally well, but because the Heat not so well because it has jack sockets that extend outside the unit while those on the Digi series are flush with the back panel.


The sampling lunchbox!


The groove-box


to prevent not beeing able to open the box if you took it into a plane put a small paper or yarn between the sealing ( the black gummy). it happen to me that i could not open my otterbox after a flight and could nit get my cigars out of it. solution weas then for me to put the otterbox under hot watre for a while to expand the air inside.


I see Amazon also has these in black for about 35 dollars. Very good find


This shouldn’t be an issue because these Seahorse cases have an automatic pressure release valve under the right latch (it’s that little black dot in the photo).


Same here, i bought the Amazon go pro case (Large).

it fits almost perfectly. (The knobs are a bit compressed by the top case) so thanks for the idea.



Have you had a chance to throw your DT in the river yet mate? I’m hoping to buy twelve of these and make a raft and sail off with just the DT.


Deets mate - that looks perfect