Digitakt can't sequence volca Kick

Hey there, first post here :slight_smile:

I don’t think the topic is out there to solve my problem as I could not find any answer…

Here’s my problem : I’m using a digitakt to sequence a volca FM and it works fine. However when I try to sequence the volca Kick, it does not trigger, or maybe once, sometime, when the Gear God is up to laugh at me i guess…

How I set things up : the digitakt sends midi to channel 9 from the midi track number 9, when I press any key that can trigg the volca kick, it works : the volca kick triggs. However, when I program a sequence and try to run it, the volca kick stays silent.
I have already checked : the track is not muted in either the mute mode (func+mute mode) or the quick mute mode or the sequence mute mode (a.k.a when it all turns purplish). I also sends midi to the volca it seems as I can monitor it through my PC.

I also thought about a kind of a ‘stucked midi note’, like if I programmed a trigg of 16 steps long and so if i trigg this “16 steps long” time, the volca will play it like a slide note or something. This could make sense as a beat step pro encounter the same problem with triggering the volca kick though.

But, when the beat step pro pad cannot trigger the volca each time, the digitakt would trigger the volca kick 100% of the time when i’m pressing the ‘trigger track 9’ key.

Any idea ?


Have you tried making a fresh project?

The sequencer of the Volca Kick is on INTERNAL or AUTO? The MIDI RX Short Message of the Volca Kick is ON or OFF?

Hey thank you guys for these quick answers ! I tried a fresh project and it worked perfectly using the volca kick. It appears, and I am really ashamed of what I am going to say, I am using a a cable splitter to send midi din via mini jack cable to both volcas I am using. And the problem comes from the fact that this ‘spider type’ splitter is not a reliable way of doing things as it provides some random cuts. What I am trying to say is that this thing on the picture is NOT a good way of splitting midi information ! And I am never using this again ^^


I started sequencing volca kick yesterday. Unfortunately the touch fx do not work when sequenc3d externally. : (

uch, sad… this was the exciting thing about this volca :confused:

The volca sequencer is so easy to use however so it’s still lots of fun, add some digitakt lfos and your laughing.

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This is so true, and you can stack LFOs so that you can assign two DT tracks to the same midi channel. Once you start to sequence the shape and rate with parameter locks it’s like you have a whole new synth. Maybe the volcas don’t have the most midi CCs but this is a general tip I should take more advantage of.

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I’m going to experiment and see if I can get the touch fx working when sequenced from digitakt. Maybe I just need the volca seq running

Touch FX only works with sequence in the VK