Digitakt + Blofeld multi presets aren’t saved



I managed to configure multi on the Digitakt with the Blofeld, but there’s still an issue that I’d like to solve in order to have a perfect setup.

When i load a project i have to manually reconfigure the bank and sound via MIDI. It seems that the Digitakt somehow doesn’t send the MIDI info in order to load directly the proper preset on the Blofeld. Am I missing something ? I hope that I didn’t double post but I didn’t find this issue on the forum.

Thanks in advance for your feed-back


Not sure if there are any solutions in these threads, but here’s 2 for your consideration. Hopefully these help!
Also, there are options to turn sending / receiving of program changes on and off in the MIDI settings. You might also need to send a program change once the project loads. As far as I know the DT won’t automatically send program / bank changes when loading a project.