Digitakt as an audio interface

A beginner question…

I’m wondering if you can use the Digitakt as an audio interface where you can record its inputs through overbridge. Like plug in a guitar and be able to record it into ableton through the digitakt.

Yeah pretty sure you can if Digitakt is set as the main device, I think you just select the ins on an ableton channel and record. You defo can on the DN.

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Yes you can record the inputs though overbridge, I use them for inputs for other synths


awesome! glad I got one

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Not necessarly. You can use another soundcard as main device and use Digitakt VST into your DAW. The VST plugin allow you to track out 12 audio channels (main output, tracks 1 to 8, Input L + R)


Overbridge works beautifully with external inputs on Elektron devices, recording all tracks to discrete files…I only wish there was a way to simultaneously trigger record from two versions of Overbridge.

Here’s my setup from last weekend away with external inputs on the DT and A4 taking either a single instrument, or a bunch through a mixer straight in to a mac with Overbridge the only audio capture software running…


If you’re on Mac, can you not create an Aggregate Device for your Overbridge devices?

I do that to combine a Digitone and Digitakt into one 24 input device and it works great.

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How do you do dis?

Yea, idiots guide please tomfs?
And is it posible for 2 instances of OB to be running and a single “Start Capture” to synchronise recording?

Sorry, that was for @Uzinusa to use two devices simultaneously. If you only hve one you’ll be fine doing it normally.

If you do end up with two, you just go to Audio/Midi Setup in Mac OS, click the plus at the bottom left, then select the devices you want to combine into one.
Then select that Aggregate Device in your DAW.

Ah, yes got you. But If I want to go DAW-less it would be very useful to have multiple OB running and simultanteously Capture.

I’m not sure what you mean? I think that’s exactly what this enables?

I have my DN and DT combined into one Aggregate Device. I can then start recording in the DAW, and then ignore the computer and just record a full performance using the DAW purely as a means of multitracking.

Afterwards you can then do as much or as little mixing with what you recorded.
This is what I do with my setup regularly - just assume the computer to be a posh tape machine :wink:

Yip, got you. It’s just that I like to record live with minimal software. If I could use Overbridge alone without a DAW that would be perfect. It’s fine with 1 OB running, but at present at least, there’s no way to synchronise Capture with multiple instances of OB for different Elektron machines. Thanks anyway.

I’m trying to get this to work but having no luck.

I have the Digitakt connected to my computer and got Overbridge running in Ableton. I can hear the 8 audio tracks of the digitakt fine but can’t seam to hear my guitar which is plugged into the Digitakt inputs.

I have monitor on and I can hear it through the headphones on the Digitakt itself but no audio comes through from the external instrument to Overbidge.

Is there a setting I need to change or is this something wrong with my Digitakt?

I would also like to add that I can see the external L and R levels on Overbridge control but no sound still comes out in Ableton.

I even tried turning off Overbridge mode and running it as an audio interface by selecting USB options as MIDI+Audio and sti.l no luck.

Please help, this is one of the main reasons why I bought it/

you need to set up an extra channel and route input left/right to it

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OK. I might have something to help. Sometimes, I find the audio doesn’t route properly from OB. In this case I select “Audio & Midi options” from the drop down menu under “Digitakt”, then in the output select Digitakt, before reslecting “Built-in Output” or “Headphones” etc. That fixes it. Let us know if this works please. You on Mac OS?

How do I do that my man?

have you set up individual channels for the digitakt in Ableton?
just set up one more exactly the same and route the very last track which is Left right input


I’m on MacOs yes and running Ableton Lite.

I can see the inputs on overbridge control panel but can’t find the options you are describing.

am I looking in the right place?