Digitakt 1.08


I’m definitely going to run out of “likes” today.

Happy to be sharing in the splendor of this OS update!


I was building side chain hacks on my OT 10 years ago.


It doesn’t affect the audio passed through the inputs? I actually would find that ideal for mixing in a Jomox Mbase that is unaffected by the sidechaining compressor without needing an additional mixer.


wow, awesome and unexpected update !

Thanks - kind of made my day :wink:


Yeah it has it’s pluses, but as I’m using mine for basically all drums It would be nice to have the option


tack så mycket


Thought so…cant think of use for a side chain but im sure someone will :wink:


Sounds great! Big thumbs up for Electron.


as i experienced the audio in is latency shifted, despite the MONO fact it doesn‘t make sense to use the input for more than sampling …
interesting what will happen when OB enables the audio interface feature, i bet we will have the usual choice or restrictions.
if using interface mode, there will be no sampling and so on …

correct me if i‘m wrong!

thx for master compression, heading for some further effects and more filter types!


really?? No Volume P-Locking of pre-recorded Loops to achieve Sidechain anymore?? Nice! Have to check this out ! :slight_smile: Thank you guys!


I made a demo/tutorial of the new master compressor.


Sidechain: howd you make your post purple?


You’ll still have to find a workaround to incorporate the element used for sidechaining the master compressor back into the mix since it gets sidechained along with all the audio coming out the master.

A nice workaround I just thought of is using the sidechain feature, but muting the sound used for sidechaining. Then, just resample the sound of everything being sidechained as a new sample, and use the compressor as a master compressor again.


One quick question: Am I okay to update from 1.05? Or should I install 1.07 first?


How long is the time till the screensaver kicks in ?


you could just go straight to 1.08


You’ve got night mode on, mines yellow. Mods highlighted it I think


Awesome, thanks guys and gals in Elektron :joy:


Hoping that the OT gets sidechain compression too!