Digitakt 1.08


Then you’ll get the old Daft Punk pumping, but it doesn’t help if you want to duck the bass frequencies to make space for the kick. But that’s not what it’s ment for either I guess.
Nonetheless, I just tried it with a kick scs and a slow attack. Sounded really tight and nice :slight_smile:


i need some of the super fine Digitakt action.


Amazing news! Compressor sounds great. Do I understand it right that attack/release is related to pattern bpm?

Really nice touch on reverb routing as well. That’s what that empty field was intended for :wink:


Thank you!


More options are always better, but I can’t see a knee coming as percussive elements usually have sharper compression techniques(per my understanding, at least)


That’s when you complain about the Octatrack. It’s not moaning when trying to understand the functionality of a new feature.

I still think the sidechain option is a great a feature I’d never expect to be implemented into the DT. I still see it as useful with a bit of creativity. For example, using a track to duck everything, but muting the sound used on that track. Then, using a midi track to trigger something like a Jomox Mbase every time the compressor ducks the sound, and mixing it with the DT using an external mixer.

Otherwise, once OB is up & running, just routing the kick to another channel to be mixed in using your DAW.


I actually commented this way before you said about turning it into a moaning thread, then you proceeded to moan. Gonna leave it at that


As I already stated. My technical questions are not moaning. I’m curious about functionality.

This is moaning:


I think this is super useful as well, but as I said before the implementation didn’t cut it. It might happen if the compressor gets attention again, but there is so much else to put time into so I don’t expect it to happen.


I was referring to how it is already implemented. I still find it useful.


Sorry, my bad.


Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

Great glue factor overall, 1:5 sounds great, SCS / SCF / MIX - Yay!

(for quick bypass just hold FUNC while turning MIX btw)

Reverb routing is also a nice touch .

What A Great Day!

PS : VOL saved together with the pattern is a huge timesaver !


very thankful :slight_smile:


Super minor typo, 13.4.6 - sends info “to” the gain…

This is a great update! Thanks Elektron!


I just spend some time with it and i love it. It sounds great in extreme settings.
You can get some nice ducking effect by making the kick very loud.
Everything glues and pumps in such a nice way now. :love_you_gesture:

And don’t get me even start on reverb routing… instant air in the mix.


Nice. Elektron has really been killing it with the quality of their FX algorithms lately imo.


What a great surprise to wake up to this morning! I installed it before I left for work but didn’t get a chance to try it. Can’t wait to give it a go tonight!


this makes me want to buy a second DT dang it! I just saw a used one last night…hmmm gotta do some maths here and check the bank account :thinking:


Thank you to Elektron and especially the dev team for the hard work and new functionality. Greatly appreciated! :grinning:


Comps great, can get really gritty,
Shame it doesn’t affect the incoming audio, but I guess that can be added later :wink: