Digitakt 1.08


Thank you! I was actually going to ask if anyone has any good tutorials on using a master compressor like this. Something I never really learned how/why to use (hangs head in shame). Your video definitely helps. When you said “Enough blah blah blah, nobody wants to hear me talk” I was like “nah man, you’re good!”


Exactly…and an AS-1
I miss my old AR tho…


Great development! Good to see the dev team keeps upgrading the functionality. Here’s hoping they work on rytm mk2 to keep justifying the difference in price!


Dont forget pre/post control on the reverb page :grin: can let some through on some patterns and compress others. Sounds nice


So is there a setting where the sidechain feature has no effect?


Nice update , works well.
I like these more regular incremental updates rather than ‘the big one’


yeeeeeeah OVERBR… oh wait a compressor ? lol ? wtf ?


Tested it for a bit and my patterns work like they did in OS 1.04. Slight changes with the bitcrusher and OD changes in previous OS’s but that’s totally fine and they both sound much much better. Very glad with this!
Compressor sounds nice as well.
Thanks again for this update :slight_smile:


thanks so much elektron <3

Tried it on some of my patterns and wow it can make a huge difference :slight_smile:


People can’t enjoy a nice new feature in the meantime? Chill out man.


Insulting everyone expressing their appreciation for Elektron isn’t a really intelligent way to deal with your frustrations imo.


dude, master compressor is one of the major things on the request list. along with audio pass thru, band pass filter, sample zoom and OB. it’s a great update.


Elektron and some developers said sorry about that a few times. They are aware that the whole Overbridge story didn’t went well.

Overbridge is a rather complicated project and they underestimate the work. Developing audio drivers running on all computer platforms, developing VSTs working with many DAWs and developing new firmwares for all machines is a huge undertaking. There are so many factors one needs to take care: perfect communication between devices and computer, timing issues, low level usb transfer, interface design for the VSTs, etc.

Be patient and not salty. :slight_smile: And thankful they added another feature for free which surely wasn’t easy to code. Not every company adds free feature updates like Elektron does.


Did not see this coming at all. And with sidechaining… this is MAD! Are there any other machine this size with such a badass feature?

If next they come through with a way to easily copy/paste pattern cross projects, I’ll have the perfect machine.

In the meantime… WEEEEEEEE!!!

Thanks Elektron


tested it out. Very good sound and precise control, especially with very short attacks and release times. the visual feedback of the compression is a great help to get the threshhold right. Two things I would like to be added:

When the compressor uses the Sidechain on one track, it doesn’t react on it, when the track is muted. Please make an option in the setup, that it also reacts on muted tracks.

The Master Compressor doesn’t compress monitor signals from the inputs, it would be nice if he could do that.


Sorry for the “joke” ! :grimacing:
I thought you were [d-_-b] in french Audiofanzine with exactly the same avatar. He wrote about his Octatrack this morning, hence the joke. :wink:


Been waiting for compressor…
Big up elektron👍


Make up gain in 0.2 values intentional? :thinking:


The compressor has been done for quite some time, the initial plan was to release it alongside with Overbridge. When Overbridge had to be delayed we decided that the compressor should be released in the mean time. Simple as that. Development right now is focused on Overbridge.


Simon - are any of the new features going to migrate to other products? Would love to see the screensaver & compression on the OT Mk2, etc. Thanks!