Digitakt 1.08


Good point. That would be expected behavior. Anyone can confirm that ?


Much prefer a comp to just slapping the DN chorus for DT… well done


It’s a “master compressor” so I’d think no


Yes. You will compress all 8 tracks, including the sidehchain source.


Would be handy if the makeup gain dropped to 0db automatically when a sidechain source track is selected. Makeup defaults to +12db which is fine when SCS is LR, but with the comp’s default values and 100% wet, there’s a large jump in volume when switching the SCS to T1, T2 etc… could damage some ears/equipment if not careful :slight_smile:


It’s a “master” compressor with a “sidechain” option though. It wouldn’t make much sense to use the kick to sidechain the compressor if it also affects the kick sound as well.


unfortunately not. if kick is source, it gets compressed.
the rest of the track will duck, but so will the source.


Tested this during the development, but it didn’t turn out very well with how this compressor works and the internal routing. It was quite tricky to manage levels in combination with dry/wet.


Looking at your profile, you only have a Volca FM now ? :smile:


I assumed it’d only be useful when relegating the compressor to be used as only a ducking device with full wet balance. Still stoked for the compressor to be used as a standard master compressor though.


this is what the wet/dry is for - also if you know how to set attack/release times on a compressor, the kick will have plenty of time to punch through before it clamps down during the sustain


Just testing out this new compressor on the Digitakt. Sounds awesome when handled with care. There’s even the option to have the Reverb pre- or post-comp.
Nicely done, Elektron! Thank you!


As one of those who requested this…

thanks! ! !
it sounds good! ! !
nice work on the UI too, fits on one page but there’s enough control for it to be useful in every pattern.

more presents to come??


Wet/dry is for the balance of the compressed master signal vs the unaffected master signal. Traditional sidechaining would use the compressor fully wet on all sounds besides the kick.


You’d actually want the compressor to duck the sound every time the kick occurred with traditional sidechaining.


oh is that what it is thanks for the tutorial on “traditional sidechaining”

regardless of sour grapes @Prints, I think this comp sounds great, and the sidechain is super useful. many thanks elektron, especially for the 1.5:1 ratio, wonderfully transparent


yayyy 77th reply omg lul


Do you even know what “sour grapes” means? You’re totally using it in the wrong context lol. Trust me, I’d prefer not having to explain things when I hear misinformation.


Let’s not turn this into a moaning thread


the Digitakt becomes more of an attractive instrument with a Master Compressor … one hopes that a soft knee option is implemented.