Digitakt 1.08


Re side chaining. How would one use this (on a master bus)?

Ive always just side chained say my bassline from my kick to make bass drop a little each kick.

But if compressor is on master I wouldnt want everything to compress.


The addition of the screensaver mode is also very nice and will probably increase the lifespan of the display.


Yes. There is a meter on the right side of the screen.


Sidechain source allows you to select a dedicated track


Great update! Don’t have a DT but I an happy its getting some OS love. Digitone 103 next? :wink:


Woo! \o/


Between this and the transfer tool I see elektron is back on the right track. Good work !


Ambient dudes will love this, great for emphasising reverb with low threshold and high ratio and medium sidechain, of course it is great on other material too especially stong beat stuff, but fairly unusual to get a comp that works so nice on fairly chill stuff too.


Ok - i am greedy, now do a compressor on the Digitone aswell.

Please please please :slight_smile:)


If they added this to the Heat basically it would rule the world :joy:


Fingers crossed. Still pretty interested in DT so this is more reason I suppose. Who knows, they could add a compressor to the digitone and maybe then…


Cool! Thanks so much. Anybody knows what does SCS mean ?


Yes but will compression be applied to all 8 tracks (each time source level triggers it)?


Sidechain source. LR or any track 1-8 available


Uhuuhh. Sounds great. Can’t wait to put my hands on this nifty feature. Great job Elektron.


Should add, I’m not much of a compressor on the mix guy - I tend to not go for the pumping effect, and I tend to get my mix sounding how I like by editing the sounds, I might occasionally use a bit of subtle master buss compression and occasionally I’ll use it on things like 303’s or bass drums, and when I saw that the DT update had a comp added I wasn’t overly excited, but gotta say it really sounds great, good enough to be a standalone product even, and it adds a new dimension to the Digitakt for sure.

The only downside is that you will now want to add it to all your Digitakt patterns, so it could take a while if you have a lot :wink:


Copy/paste of the compressor page makes that a breeze :slight_smile:


True for similar patterns, but because it has such a range it invites experimentation :slight_smile:

Between this and sample backup my faith in the Digitakt is restored, it starts to feel like a mature and proper Elektron box to me now.


Is there a way to bypass tracks from the compressor effect? Awesome update for the Digitakt. Please don’t turn this into an Octatrack complaining thread.


I’m really hoping that when a single track is used as the side chain source, that it actually gets bypassed from the compressor effect.