Digitakt 1.08


This is good news. Looking forward to trying out the compressor, seems quite feature packed. Love they included so flexible side chaining and a side chain filter.


I have just sold my DT…Really frustrated @elektron.


Happy to see Digitakt still getting supported. Probably a good excuse for me to finaly learn to use compressors.


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!


Very nice feature for the master section. Thanks Elektron! :slight_smile:


Or it could be that the Octatrack can have up to 8 compressors running simultaneously, with some of them running in series or parallel and they can be p-locked. Also could be that in addition to that, the available processing power was maxed out along time ago. Bear in mind, that they added conditional trigs when they could have left them out. ditto with Dual VCO for the Rytm.

BTW Thanks Elektron. This is a nice surprise!



Big thanks to the developers! very happy with this :slight_smile: Will try it out thoroughly tonight.


Holy Shmoley!


Thank you !


Can someone please add the screen of comp section for those procrastinating at work ?


Personally I don’t believe it. we were assured that no more was physically possible at all then conditional trigs appeared. I’m grateful that they did but it just put complete doubt in me that OT is maxed. I’d think it would be possible to have it as a master only effect and it surely wouldn’t take up a whole lot of space, but who knows

I’m not trying to rain on the parade though so probs best to nip this tangent in the bud here, like I said great for DT owners


Great news, AR could use the side chain feature, too.


Again an 0.01 step nearer to OB … :smiley:


Just tried it out, very nice indeed, probably best Elektron compressor to date, easy handling and huge range from subtle to smooshed, not p-lockable but personally not too bothered about that. Great job @Elektron :thup:





I think the OT might get some more updates since it is the flagship sampler, certainly hope so!


Holy sh*t. This is incredible.



The new master section :wink:


Any gain reduction meter?