Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


Hello everyone,
New Digitakt owner here (first-time Elektron owner as well), loving it so far, have spent a lot of time on these forums learning about issues/workarounds/tips etc, so I’m generally aware of the current state of bugs & crash issues.

However, I am having an issue with tap tempo, where after releasing the FUNC key, all the trigs stay green like they are still in that quick mute mode. I have to tap & release FUNC again to get it out of the quick mute mode.

I just assumed this would be a known/obvious bug and didn’t even bother to look it up, until I was watching a video recently where the guy used the tap tempo, and noticed my problem wasn’t happening to the unit in the video… after he did the tap tempo and released, it also instantly released the quick mute green trigs.

In further investigating this, I can ONLY find one small mention in the Digitakt 1.01 OS bugs, where someone made a one-liner comment like “tap tempo turns on global mute” which sounds pretty close to what’s happening here, although not exactly.

Aside from that, I cannot find any similar posts or information about this problem.

I’m running 1.04 … at least that’s what it says on the screen when I start it, and this is how I received it. I have not personally upgraded the firmware or anything.

Long post just to explain that, I know.

Is this a known problem and it’s just so obvious nobody talks about it? Or is something maybe messed up with my unit specifically, and if so, would it be worth “upgrading” the firmware even though it’s already at 1.04?

TY in advance for any info & suggestions! And glad to be part of the Elektronauts community :slight_smile:


Does this kind of thing happen on other Elektron boxes?


I actually use this a lot live. As it is a way quicker version of turning mute mode on and off :stuck_out_tongue: #pleasedontfixthis


Don’t know if this is a bug or hardware problem. With Digitakt playing external synths in chromatic mode, I can trigger notes. With a midi keyboard IN to Digitakt it only plays sample track 1 drum sound? Anyone know if this is a bug?



I assume you have to choose the correct midi channel on your keyboard


I can trigger midi notes in chromatic mode. The midi keyboard is triggering the Digitakt, just audio track 1 and not the midi channel I’m playing.



If a parameter change needs to be “locked” to a trig, then this seems like a limitation of the Elektron sequencer. A more traditional MIDI sequencer registers all data as separate events. A filter sweep on channel 1 would be completely independent of what notes (trigs in Elektron parlance) are playing on that channel in a typical MIDI sequencer.

I think the workaround is to not track live parameter changes, but rather to “lock” them to trigs and trigerless trigs.

That, or use the single LFO


You need to set your midi keyboard to send on channel 14.


I tried all channels…still triggers audio track 1.


You may have to change the auto channel in the digitakt then. Suggest you give the manual a read


From manual:
If you use an external MIDI controller to record to the Digitakt MIDI tracks, the sequenc- er receives data on the Auto MIDI channel and records on the active track. For more information, please see “15.3.3 CHANNELS” on page 58

It shouldn’t be any harder than this…



I agree, but that works for me, no problem. Hope you figure it out :slight_smile:


Make sure the autochannel is set to the same channel as the midi keyboard. (and make sure it’s not the same channel as one of the audio tracks).then make sure you have one of the midi tracks selected when you play the keyboard.

Hope this helps.


Can’t preview recorded samples
(Pressing FN+yes and nothing, then, midi freezes up until I restart the unit)



Are you making sure you have an audio track selected while trying to preview? Samples won’t preview if you have a midi track selected


yes,nothing is muted,wish could post vid here (just registered)
have to restart it to get it work again


ah so on other E boxes it’s different? Parameter changes don’t need to be locked to a trig (and therefore its length)? For some reason I assumed each box used the same sequencer tech.


I did so too. Too bad it’s not the case. It would be nice if they all shared the same features and functions. It wouldn’t impede or cannibalise the sales of any machines if they all have the same sequencer options.


Sorry, I can’t read the whole thread, hope it’s not only my unit.
Deleting p-locks by pushing the corresponding knob often takes several tries


Over sensitive encoders, all the press actions take a couple of presses because the slightest turn of the knob registers.

Known bug, hopefully it’s on the fix list