Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


Sorry if I am short but I had allready explained the behaviour in an earlier post without making a typo, it is a genuine reoccuring problem I am having as are are other things I have described in this thread, I have contacted Elektron about previous other issues and the reply is to send it back to them, which I will do when they provide the ability for me to secure my work.
Posting and discussing bugs in this thread seems the most sensible place to to it, especially for exsisting and future owners, remember we were supposed to be paying customers not beta testers so making it easy for us to report issues should be the priority not hiding it away behind support tickets, if Elektron are’nt keeping a close eye on this thread then they should, there is no excuse not to.


As someone who worked as an IT tech support manager for 2 years, I can tell you that I much prefer having support tickets that forum posts to fix my customers’ issues. The latter can prove useful to provide context, but only support tickets provide a way to manage ALL requests and bug reports efficiently, which provides a better service to the customer. Tickets are made to be managed, quantified, sorted, grouped, bug patterns can be identified faster, to achieve the same using only forum posts would be extremely time consuming, I’m not surprised Elektron personel doesn’t spend too much time in here.

Don’t get my wrong, I completely understand your frustration when you talk about beta testers, as a long time Elektron customer, I’m very sad and surprised to see how the release of the DT was handled, it really feels like the company tried to do too much at the same time, but maybe there’s a way we could use this thread to share working temporary workarounds as well, or ways to circumvent the issue by working differently for the time being.

Wishing you all an excellent and musical weekend !


I guess the price has gone up. Last time I checked, it was the same. Apparently the price has increased everywhere. That surprises me given that the DT still seems buggy.


Hi just got my digitakt today…it was already with firmware 1.04 so its the new batch i guess…and I have this thing that kinda annoys me and i wanna know if it is a bug or not…when Im in LFO or SRC menus and turn C and D knobs at the same time, the display becomes glitchy and unusable for a while…is this normal?? thank you




Yea It made me feel rly bad after like 5min of pure joy when i first turned it ON…I was dreading the whole process of sending the thing back…i want it for live use so this presents an issue but i ll try to cope with it…


Ok man I m already feeling much better after speaking with you…thanks a lot…im gonna keep it…its just i thought this machine would be perfect…and as you said its just a minor glitch…maybe they ll fix it in next firmware??


Same x 1000%



FWIW, I’m still seeing quite a few dealers with new DT’s listed at $679 in the US.


For anyone interested.

The reason why my DT keeps cutting off and on was indeed due to a faulty PSU.

Tests at the store with other DTs and PSUs, found that all other DTs cut off and on with my PSU. All it took was a light tap on the PSU to kill the DT.

Anyway, more testing tonight to make sure my DT is fault free with the new PSU.



I’m not sure if this my fault or a bug, but when I live record stuff like filter sweeps the note length sometimes gets changed. Which changes the sound completely. Maybe this is by design, or it has something to do with FLT.T/LFO.T (which sometimes doesn’t seem do anything either).


Interesting. Is this for audio tracks or midi ccs? maybe a trig needs to be as long as the sweep? I haven’t tried live recording filter sweeps.


Audio yes. Good point about lengths, I will check and do some testing later.


Yeah I hope so too. Thanks for the info. This can’t be the intended behaviour right? Live recording stuff shouldn’t change anything apart from the parameters we’re changing.


Is there an obvious reason why after live recording you have to go back and turn on/adjust all the trigs to make them work or is it a bug?, I can understand the stepping but unless there is an advantage that I am unaware of seems to upset the mostly fast worklow.


It’s a bug. Pretty sure it’s a known bug so it should be on the fix list. Hopefully.


There is a bug that if two or more tracks are recorded live simultaneously the sample lengths get screwed up. Elektron knows and said to me that they hope to have it fixed in the next OS update. If you record just one track, it should be Ok.


I only record one track at a time so it doesnt sound the same, everytime I live record over a longer sample both the sample and all the trigless trigs need to be calibrated to work.


Probably worth reporting.