Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


Hm? It isn’t sending the preview through a track. It just opens a voice to use preview on. :slight_smile: at least, that is what I take from it working the way it does. Doesn’t seem like a bug to me at all.

Ah well, either way: It’s no biggy ;). maybe they’ll add some visualization to make it more obvious.


@P I experience the exact same issue with external synth missing the first note when I press play,but like yours, the same note plays fine the next Loop around. Depending on the patch it either misses it altogether or triggers a burst of it late. I suspected something up wth PC too but have it disbled on DT. The curious thing is that PC still works at a patch level under Src after enabling the
Midi channel, bank and patch…


@P - my DK midibtracks lock up frequently, esp after recording from external controller.
One of two outcomes, either DK looses its mind and freezes altogether and will not play / power cycling usually resolves but then seems to corrupt the project making it more likely that all midi tracks no longer trigger external synth except for track 1. This is true whether regardless of which midi ch track 1 is assigned to.

I’ve also had the same issue occur where midi tracks 1-8 no longer trigger external synth, have tried with a blofeld and virus c. Drove me nuts wondering if the DK had lost a midi cfg setting.

But the fix is always the same. Init a new project and start over. Which isn’t much of a work around. If 1.05 fixes the cut/copy/paste issue perhaps we can copy midi tracks over to the new project without copying the data that is corrupting them? Or just a solid fix would be even better :j


Good thought but I notice the same issue triggering external gear from pads 9-16. if I have stopped the track or changed screens a few times the next time I tap another pad it fails to trigger properly the first time, but it’s fine after the 1st tap. I need to delve further into combinations of PC settings. It’s almost like the MIDI output per channel goes to sleep after a while and only wakes up halfway thru the first note.


Throw an update out to get this little machine in sync with the octatrack arranger asap I can wait for everything else :slight_smile:


Maybe you should check to make sure you don’t have the first step of the sequence micro-timed to just before the start of the pattern. I’ve helped a couple of people solve the “sound doesn’t trigger on the first play through of the sequence but does on subsequent play through of the sequence” problem by suggesting checking the micro timing.


Had a strange one turn up a couple of times recently, track is unmuted and playing but there is no sound till you hit the trig, I think its been happening for a while as there has been some loss of individual track audio before that sorted itself out before I could investigate.


@digimatt that’s basically what’s i’m seeing/hearing, too.


Agree, we need some form pattern sequencing beyond chains. Even something as simple as track write mode like on the 606. We have a function key combo to put it into track mode and then you can just tap in the patterns in the order that you want them to play. They already have the UI sorted for this to a degree. If they can do it in 1981 surely we can do it now eh? :space_invader:


I wonder if this is similar to this odd Rytm behavior: :thinking:


It might be worth checking if sustain is set to HOLD. In the page where you set set attack, sustain, release, if there is a note graphic displayed, the trig only plays for as long as it is held in Live Record mode. If it’s on one of the loop settings, you will see an indication in the waveform page that playback is occurring, but will not hear a sound unless you hold the trig.

In Step Record mode the trig will play for the note length set on the Trig Parameter page, and I believe the default is a very short note length.

Probably not the issue you are experiencing, but worth checking. If not, this setting is still cool to experiment with. I didn’t know about it until fairly recently.


no kits = no song mode!


Probably mentioned here before but I only have the Digitakt for a few days: MIDI Sync to other devices stops sometimes, e.g. I am syncing Ableton on my Mac and Moog Subsequent at the same time, Digitakt being the master, but after a while one or the other stops. Help: In system menu change back and forth the sync option usually does the trick, or of course restarting Digitakt.


I had a bit of the same @SoundReverend

I did a live set last friday with the Digitakt and a small modular setup. I had set up a couple of patterns to do drums and two melodic midi channels that went to the modular. When I went from one pattern to another the Digitakt stopt sending midi. When I stopt the DT and pressed play again it was working again. I had this a couple of times when I was rehearsing my set (about 80% of the time) and offcourse it occured in my liveset again. The set went well and no one noticed something, Because I was prepared for it. But it is a bit anoying… anyone else experienced this with other hardware? I dont think its my midi to cv converter because with other midi sequencers it works fine.


Not a settings problem unfortunately, the tracks in question were running fine before and I hadnt made any changes, it runs through the sequence and all the other tracks are audible but untill you hit the trig the track is muted.


While Playing:

When I control all at once, sometimes I can’t control the filters. Frq and Res.



In addition to a post I made about encoders triggering without contact, I had originally thought it was just the sensitivity but its been happening with the sound select too which requires the func to be pressed and I have seen it happen when my hands are nowhere near the device, gets a bit annoying having windows pop up whilst you are doing something else.


I had this the other day for the first time. I was working with a perfect loop, but the sample start time was drifting back and forth without my hand on the dial. Quite annoying indeed.


Sequenced notes on audio tracks 1-8 do not send MIDI note data out to their assigned MIDI channels.

Setting “Trig Key dest - int/ext” allows note output via manual presses on the trig keys and the chromatic keyboard to be sent as expected. However, any notes played using the internal sequencer are not transmitted.


All i want for Xmas is Digitakt firmware update :diddly: