Digi⊶Touch ___ Τ Λ Κ Τ ___


hi elektronauts … hi digitakt users!!

I would like to introduce dtx
a touchOSC layout specifically designed for Digitakt!!

  • demo B _ ipad /mini (1536x2048) /// iPad Pro 10,5" ** (thx MrP!)
  • demo A _ iphone 6/7/8 (1334 × 750) /// iphone 5/5s/5c/se/iPod 5g (640 x 1136) /// Plus (1920x1080) *** (thx alespardo!)

If you are interested, take a look at his little manual … ^^ here
or watch the videos on youtube


*** Digi⊶Touch Τ Ο Ν Ξ version here

Digi⊶Touch ___ Τ Ο Ν Ξ ___

Boom! Look forward giving this a go :+1:




Awesome! How’s this fair on the iPad??


nope not yet mister!!! … for now only 1334 × 750px (iphone 6/6s/7/8 or similar screen…)


Right on. Your comment seems to indicate that you plan to scale it up? Will totally throw you some coffee funds if that’s the case.

OH! just saw this part: “soon available for ipad and full hd resolution”

I’ll just shut it… Can’t wait!



yes bernard , Exactly!! … i hope really soon
but the new octa mk2 It’s tempting … ops


No doubt about that! Been eyeing it since I got the DT… In the states, Sweetwater was doing 36 months no interest… but I missed that window. Miiiight have to pull the trigger if it comes along again.


really convenient … I had not seen anything about it


Comercialy superb


great app. seizure enducing videos :expressionless:


Fantastic app, congratulations!!!
Can you connect the iPhone with the digi touch app directly to the DT or do you need to connect it via pc?



hey thanks for appreciating!! :blue_heart:
If you have a camera kit (directly) …
otherwise you can connect it via pc with ableton (template here) / bridge / or wireless in your network (MIDI/AUDIO preferences /osx ^^)


This looks great! Any plans for an iPhone SE version (1136 x 640px) ?


…I don’t know, but my brother has one (se)!! :zonked:


ehy folks…
I got this for my “digi-phone” combo
I hope fits well…


Can I somewhere find how to install this app on my iPhone, I’ve downloaded touchOCS from the app store, I recieved the mail with the zip file, can this be directly installed on the iPhone or do I have to install it with a pc ? (never done this before, newbee)


hey np, it’s super easy…
follow this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXqDmdKLoOw
you need to put in your OSC folder via iTunes the *osc template (:stuck_out_tongue:
have fun


Very cool!
Please do not forget the immense amount of Android users :wink:


It was inderdaad super easy :grin: Thanks