Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


pick it , pick it


two tone at it’s most representative of the time…com’on rude boya


Feargal Sharkey - Techno Fan - whodathunkit


Stuck in the moebius!






This is the only ska-punk album from my childhood that is still on regular rotation.




looking forward to another hour in the tube
London pffftt


Early Soviet Computer Power
Looks to have midi in/out too
8k RAM



So i’ve managed to avoid Asda High Wycombe for eons now… 'tis a wretched place, but the Duchess requested that, as I was passing on my way home, would I pop in, as they had a fine selection of gins and she wanted something special for Ladies Poker Night!
I found this hard to believe but obliged her all the same…
Well bless my soul, if they didn’t have the most extensive range of IPAs i’ve seen in a good while.
I’m actually on the wagon but afforded myself 1 small stubby for the weekend because I really liked the name!


Mmmmm hoppy timbres


We’re approaching the one year anniversary of Elektron being British! What will we do to celebrate?!


Have a referendum and vote to not be British anymore?


Who wouldn’t want to be British?!?!?!


I await some most interesting answers to our dearest Ryan’s question…
Let the Britznot debate begin!