Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


Or the death of my gear and ears!


By jingo, just went to the loo before sleep and there is a massive spider in the pan… Bloody huge it is, I don’t think i’ve ever seen one bigger in the UK! IT IS GIGANTIC!
I’ve got to go a take a picture. I’m shaking at the sheer size of it.
Stand by!!


My apologies to anyone who was offended by the content. It shall not happen again.
It was a visual joke that was played on me earlier in the day that made me laugh.
Once again, please accept my apologies.


I saw it, I wasn’t offended and I knew your intentions were good- you just wanted to share a laugh with the community you were having fun communicating with. The first time I saw that meme, I thought it was pretty funny. This forum just isn’t the right place for that kinda thing.

No hard feelings! :slight_smile:



No offence here. I did wince for you thinking you’d take a pounding from the fun police though!

Onwards and upwards


Ah well, although I only have myself to blame, a night in the Dog and Badger and a half too many of Rebellion didn’t make for a sensible thought process.
To be fair to our fine Mods, I haven’t heard a dicky bird. Just an automated response to the flagging.
Anyhoo, I have said I’m sorry so i’m now taking myself out into the woods for some quiet contemplation and axe-welding.
Carry on



Well, it’s a rainy morning over here. California’s been in a drought now for years but this winter we’ve seen so much rain it’s ridiculous. Most everybody has been hoping for a lot of rain for years now and this winter has rained so much now people are hoping it will stop… I’ll take the forest drinking over me being dry any day… We now have 180% of average mountain snow pack which hasn’t happened in years, this is the most important as it feeds the watershed into the summer. A large dams spillway almost failed a few weeks ago there was so much water… Great news for California…


California? You are close to NAMM :smiley: Here in Germany we have rain all day and all night. Then a few times of Sun in between - then Rain again. Two days ago we had 23 ° - now its 9 °. Yesterday it was stormy like hell, today it was totally windless. Up and down we go :slight_smile: We are used to that here. Weather is ALWAYS unstable in this country :-/


Where’s NAMM, L.A.?
It’s kind of like that here right now, any day lately it can be snowing or it could be 21 C. Summer is hot and winter is relatively cold, but spring and fall are this in between time where the weather can do almost anything it wants… My family name is German, Sidell, some have told me that means a keg or container for beer in German, know anything about that?


Wait, you know nothing about being a beer container? :joy:


I’ve gotten mixed reports, I’ve heard from several German speakers that my name is close to a word for keg, but I’ve asked others who’ve said they have no idea… Who better to ask than our King. How fitting would be with all of our random beer postings…


I can indeed hold some beer inside of me… :wink:


Yes, Hail @umonox! Your people request guidance!

Either way, great name, you either hold crispy beer or can blow up upon an exhausted fuse!
Both have benefits…


Yesterday was very sunny at my place.
Rode a bicycle with my daughter and my son.
She’s 6, so she’s not very quick yet.
But brave, I’m proud of her.
Now this got me to go slow for such a long time it actually did a lot of good to my mind.
I was forced to stop going forward in my busy life like I have to run to death. This had such a positive effect on me, what a nice impression.
I look forward to slow down again…


I once lived in a remote valley that you have to hike two days over cliffs stretching thousands of feet over the ocean to get to. There’s a small ever changing little community of people living back there, from all over the world. It’s one of if not the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and there’s rainbows there multiple times a day. Anyway, a man named Ronny has been back there most of the time since 85. He’s a very neutral being and has unofficially been declared “The Mayor” of the valley.
His motto is “We’re gonna do nothin, and we’re gonna do it slowa” in his still heavy Boston accent…


Before yesterday I had still not reached the state where I could judge this as wisdom ! I shall not forget these words ^^


shit, now im having itchy feet :cry: what a beautiful place !! reminds me that i really have to go on a vacation again. its sooo long ago that i was in a foreign country - Tenerife was the place i was lastly. And that was in 2012 already ^^ If only money would let me - i invest too much in Synths and Stuff - never spare something for a vacation :slight_smile: Then again im not so keen on traveling alone …

@Open_Mike: Cant say something about that name, sorry. Im one of those guys who simply have no idea :smiley: Oh and im not drinking beer all day. Last beer i drunk was 2 months ago already. Just to clarify that :wink: Im generally not a typical german. I also dont identify myself with the culture of my country - taking everything sooo serious, being so accurate in everything they do, so clocklike. And i hate the superficiality of the people here. this focus on “everything me, my car, my women, my child, my status”. Im an anti-german so to say - although i am one :smiley:

oh, and NAMM is in Anaheim. Thats California :relaxed:


Last night’s downfall ^
Started with the Mutiny, which led me on to a Sticky Wicked that, ultimately, led to the Roasted Nuts.


That looks amazing! To be fair California is not the ugliest place I’ve ever been so you’re not doing too badly :stuck_out_tongue: