Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


That looks very geometric.
Almost spectral.

Thats my name I’m honoured!

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Goodnight from this side of the pond. I have work tomorrow :pray::heart:


he would know if he was … :aw:

@LyingDalai: Thats good. Thats really good. Thats what i did today as well. And this is what i came up with - at the end of the day - right now (and its NOT Minimal Techno this time :wink: ):

Btw: I have taken all of your advice from this thread i created recently:

And put it to some use on my newest Track above - but limiting myself to Dyads in the End!! :smiley: I reeeaallly have to practice that more often.

Ok, back to off topic. Sorry for “abuse” of my own thread for something “specific” :yum:

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I only remembered the quote… :confused:

im the King? Cool. But where’s my fu**in crown? :confounded:

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Dont go there

Merry christmas


When you bid on 1 chair but win 25.

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That’s mold, is it not?

I just got an invite to play at Fyre Festival guys, things are really coming together!



Damn my eyes!
It’s a snowy field, observed from a train, innit?

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Pool Party Cancelled

Got room in your tent? I’ll return your passport for a place to crash.

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That was my train ride to work this morning, foot of snow here in Switzerland.


Wow, still winter…
Interesting this time of year in the mountains of Northern Cal. Spring and Fall have this push, pull of warm and cold weather patterns, it literally can be 75 (24c) one day and 30 (-1c) and snowing the next, only to warm back up again. My home state of Michigan is more like where your at, deep freeze and piles of snow all winter. General warming trend happening right now for NorCal and nice after the wettest winter we’ve had in ten years or so…

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Winter finished ages ago, we have been having 20 degree celsius weather up until now. Was like a blizzard out of nowhere.