DFAM mind melting thread

Kick-But tracks, guys! Should go more into BRTRZTZRZTR-territory next jam-session :star_struck:


I totally feel that sentiment. Things just become tight all of a sudden


I posted the audio of this on another thread but here is the video:

Going to try and make this a full track this weekend! Head explosions everywhere


For less than a 100€ you have CV.ocd which is way more powerfull…
I own hexinverter mutant brain which is the same, one setting I am using now is 2 cv pitch outs in chord mode, velocity plus mod wheel, sometimes 3 cv pitch outs plus velocity when using and additional external oscillator… two gate outs plus accent, several midi clocks plus start/stop gate for DFAM sequencer…


EDIT: Didn’t get any feedback on this and free plan has limited space so poof there it goes

How dare you



I adore my Digitone!

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sounds way different anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


i actually like digital FM better, and own DFAM.


Hehe just kidding, couldn’t resist. :smiley:
These tracks sound great btw.


All good. I would have done the same :joy:

Yea I am hoping this thread will get some healthy continuation.

So far so good!

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I like this a lot. So you can send CV into the analog RYTM as well. What are you sending into the A4, sync or anything else?

I’d love to sync and modulate my RYTM with CV, I just can’t figure out exactly what I need to do.

Currently my DFAM chain is Keystep receiving clock from Ableton, sending gate out to the SQ1 and then I get wierd with the SQ1 and DFAM.

This is what I’ll call all my shits from now on.


The A4 sends a CV gate to the advance input on the DFAM. The gate is just a clocked rhythmic pulse.
And the A4 for is clocked via MIDI from the OT
That was the quickest setup I could think of to get the jam going.

First I had just the A4 connected to see how things work out, but I had so much fun with sounds that I couldn’t wait to add drums. You know it’s good when things start to get a little out of hand.:sunglasses:
From there it was pure fun.


In spirit of the slow dirty grit like jam that @Fin25 posted to start the thread, here’s what I got lost doing for 3 hours today.

Top DFAM is sequenced with CV. Bottom DFAM is just Clocked and comes in around 1:20.

Same sequence forever…but whatever I was feeling it :joy:

Boom baps from blackbox.


Really clever solution! Thanks for sharing … I ordered one yesterday.

Unless I am mistaken, I don’t believe the OCD will do the same thing. I am currently using the BSP to sequence the DFAM but the genius of the MAFD is that it “counts” the advance trigs so that you can map a sequence of notes to each DFAM step to create more complex sequences.

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Not the same thing, CV.ocd gives way more midi control not limitted by the 8 steps ins the sequencer (eg Velocity, osc1, osc2, mod wheel and several gates trigers, clocks etc) You can still use the internal sequencer to modulate other parameters …
With it DFAM becomes a propper melodic synth, great for bass and leads

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how am i supposed to resist getting a dfam now? very nice stuff here…


Wow loving the sounds. I think the DFAM is what I wanted the M:C to sound like. I don’t own either but I’m comparing videos of the two and I’m just loving the DFAM sound so much more. The M:C drums sound more sterile and less gritty to me.

Edit: Didn’t realize DFAM is more than double the cost of M:C at $650.