Desktop stand for equipment, custom stands

So I made a custom adjustable stand for my friends ableton push 2. I’m interested in creating something similar for my digitakt and potentially start selling these custom built for whatever equipment you need it for.

I’d like to get some feedback from you, let me know what you think. Let me know of features that might be usefull!


I’ve been thinking about something exactly like this. Where are you located?

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Thank you! That means a lot. It is adjustable, the picture is in the high position, there are 3 positions total the lowest being closed. There is also a drawer that slides in and out:)

Edit: the adjustability was actually the biggest reason he needed a custom stand, we searched around the internet and couldn’t find a good quality stand with that feature for the push 2

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Damn- that’s a long way from Melbourne, Australia!

Nice work though, gives me alot of inspiration for what I would like to make.

We have a little water between us haha. I’d like to see what you come up with!

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Greetings from Central AR, great looking stand! I know my wife would appreciate one for her Digitakt.


Thank you, I’d love to build one for you guys! PM me and maybe we can work something out.

Something I would recommand (generally speaking), if it’s possible to integrate it in your design, is leaving space under the front for some cables to pass through, so you can have another instrument right in front of your stand.
Here what I did (actually, I didn’t think about it and I’m glad this accident happened).

Your stands look great btw, congrats!


Oh right on, Thank you for sharing that!! Great way to clean up the desktop. You really did get some gears turning in my head with that.
And hey, great use of space, I dig the levels to your system.

I have equal passion for woodworking as I do music, excited to see how far I can take this.

Keep it coming!

Took a while to get around to it. It’s nothing special technically or aesthetically, but is perfect for me. A friend with a bit of woodcutting know-how (and equipment) build a little desktop stand to plan. It fits exactly across my desk and holds modules perfectly at a good angle for easy access (no more hunching over!). The keyboards and Tascam recorder can slide in and out underneath.

The whole thing was made from offcuts and took about an hour.


Made this nifty little stand for tilting the mpc. Also height adjustable depending on how it’s used. In all honesty, probably one of my better woodworking projects from over the years.


Isn’t that 2 pieces of wood duct taped together?


Not just any wood. That’s good quality, kiln dried kindling!

Edit: thinking about setting up an etsy store. Reckon I could churn out several per day.


I mean…. It’s a really good duct tape job!

I think you have a big seller on your hands! Don’t overwork yourself though. Maybe plan to only make one a day, quality craftsmanship takes time!


Yah I’ve gotta be careful - if you look closely at the left side you’ll see where I messed up with the tape.


Yeah, that’s why I recommended slowing it down. No need for mishaps like that on an otherwise pristine piece of craftsmanship!


Apologies if there’s a better thread for this.

I’m looking for a stand (either custom or existing) to house my Heat + Thyme. Both are very similar in width (Thyme’s a hair more narrow), though Heat is clearly deeper.

Here’s a photo for referencing:

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do one for OT plz

Ended up building one from an erector set, lol


That’s dope.

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