[ Definitive list ] Analog RYTM kits, sounds & samples


New expansion :
Synthetics from Electron (10€)

SH2 Bass & Drums from NewWavePresets (15€)


Very Great learning courses [ for Newbies ] from Thavius Beck on MacProVideo

Elektron 101 “Overbridge & RYTM
19 videos | 117 minutes | by Thavius Beck


NEW RYTM : Perform and Produce from Thavius Beck


Thanks! This guy is the best online tutor for Elektron kit IMO, well worth the investment :slight_smile:


Modub is a free pack


Very helpful overview, many thanks!


I should be getting my AR2 in about a week or two. I’ll be using it not only for drums, but also for bass sounds. What’s your favorite Soundpacks for bass sounds?


i think for now there’s no Sound Pack covering the way i have in mind a top notch Sound Pack for the Analog Rytm… There’s good Sample Pack tailored for the RYTM…

The only who came in my mind is the AR808 by Justin Valler

and this one :

Can’t wait to see what’s new model machine Dual VCOs will bring on the table :wink:


Does anyone know how to get the AR808 pack now? it appears to have disappeared…


@mxcm AR808 - Released