AR808 - Released

Justin, would you share some ideas on how to approach LFO use? I always prefer creating my sounds myself, but any advice, idea and suggestion is always welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah - I’m interested in this too. What’s the score with grabbing the files now?

AR808-Sounds.syx (3.7 KB)AR808-Pat Kit01.syx (17.8 KB)
AR808-Pat Kit02.syx (17.8 KB)
AR808.pdf (380.1 KB)


Would there be anyway to get these types of sounds from the analogue four? (I haven’t bought one yet but I think Iv settled on one, Im just trying to work out how versatile it could be)

Not sure about the hihats and cymbals, but other sounds I’d imagine you could get quite close…

i’ve seen lots of praise for the AR808 kit (presets for synthesis, not samples) but all the links are to a defunct website. anybody know where i can find this? or have a copy they’d be willing to give? i messaged the creator personally and have gotten no response.

There are direct links a couple of posts up in this thread. :slight_smile:

Yes, but I moved the post here (@studface clearly didn’t exhaust the search options or read the whole thread) :wink: :thup:

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wow, thanks. i remember browsing this particular thread in my search, but somehow i missed the sysex links. sorry about that, thanks for the custodial work, cleaned up the forums and pointed me right to what i needed!


Excited!!! keep us posted!!!

I’ve been dabbling with a kit collection called AR:RA, which aims for sorta 808 / 909 / 707 / 606 kinda vibes, four kits in total. I was quite happy about it when I started designing them but listening to them now, they’d still need some polishing and tweaking before I can upload em to the files section. I really want to get the velomodmatrix action tweaked for the accent function to work properly with em.

I should get back to working them one of these days…

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Any update Justin? :dog:


I just assumed those were the original files w/ the OG machines

PDF says v 1.0

I’m not quite sure what those comments mean tbh

wrt the OG AR it’s ** identical** to the Mk2 (except sampling obvs) - so either should load up any AR syx and sound exactly as intended


JustinValerJun '16
There’s an eventual update planned for the AR808 that takes advantage of some of the new machines… In addition some sounds changed ever so slightly with the newer firmwares.

I haven’t found a satisfiable way of generating the 909 sounds for the RYTM (yet). 606 sounds could be possible with the new machines.


old thread, but is this soundpack available anywhere?

@loopdude 5 posts above has links…


ok, yeah, uhm, cough

thanks :wink:

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