Decksaver for OTMKII?

Been looking for a decksaver for the MKII, but cannot seem to find one.

Does the MKI decksaver fit the MKII?

I hope so, at least the official elektron lid fits great.

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Isn’t the official lid was the only one available? Decksaver didn’t have anything for the MKI listed when I was shopping for one and checking on the site now, the only cover for Elektron gear they’re offering is the Analog Keys.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were making them as OEM products for Elektron, though, the official lids look very Decksaver-y.

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The Elektron PL-2 lid is 100% made by Decksaver, for sure. It’s also been confirmed to fit the Mk2 perfectly.


I got a brand new PL-2 along with my OT MKII and it fits perfectly.


I got an good old PL-2 from my previous OT and it fits the newcomer perfectly :slight_smile:

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Here’s a fun fact-

The official Elektron ones are actually made by Decksaver.

So Decksaver are the official ones :smile:


Yep this is correct.

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Thank you all for the facts. PL-2 is ordered and on the way! :smile:


Nice one. I need to get one ordered, too!

Could you, please, tell the height of an Octatrack with PL-2. Thanks!

Dimensions: W 340 × D 184 × H 63 mm


So I’m assuming the size with the PL-2 on top is about 70mm, right ?

Should be right, thanks!

Please check if you need this measurement to be precise though, I don’t have a PL-2 so I can’t measure (just trying to help), but from looking at pictures, it doesn’t look like it increases the height too much.

My MkI with the PL-2 on is 71mm high including rubber feet.


Question, how snug does this thing fit on the OT2? Do you need some kind of elastic to stop it sliding off?

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I have one, and it’s perfect. Not too tight, not too loose.

The one I had for my op-1 was super loose and almost pointless, but the Elektron ones have all been fine.


Got the PL-2, its great! Amazon

it wont slip off but if you hold upside down it would fall off

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