[ Debate ] Sample Collection : How you use it?


thats the spirit


It depends on who records it. If they do things at a good level with decent gear the libraries sound great. Some people record their sample libraries at values higher than -10LUfs and when it’s time to mix down you wonder why it’s bad. Then you spend more time trying to compress those and sounds and clean up with the EQ. If something was recorded at levels too loud it kills the headroom in your mix.

The other argument is if you have a deadline you use what you can. Because you are 4 hours from that deadline and the rough mix isn’t even done yet.

You don’t have to use everything in the construction kit. Just take what you need. I’m not a pro yet but I’ve worked on musical deadlines years ago and back then stylus RMx the loops and mix down. Both parties are happy and you’re smoking a cigarette in shame .


After given some courses to some young musicians in my town and discussed about this subject, someone talked to me about a brief masterclass from Tom Hades “How to make Techno at ADE 2018” (in 39:57) (Although How to make techno in 40mn is a bit teasing to me…) but it’s really close to Harnessing CHAOS from Noah Pred, but to me it’s just food or starting block for creativity same as sample loops…

I need to mention that I was absolutely agree with him on bringing Life to every elements… preferring movement and un-quantize automations (Yes it’s clever to me I like that way of working too)

SO after discussing with my students I decided to make a special one - Because I do think it doesn’t help at all to get away from the “get stuck in the loop” issue ! I mean if you work with loops only you reinforce the “get stuck in the loop” syndrome …

So to open up this Topic to a better Thread regarding loops, i will write and probably make few movies like tips and tricks on the Sample Packs Collection subject. (There no needs in the One-Shots territory as it’s already nice to use it as it is ! no issue there)

I will start with a Loop from the Sample pack collection Loopmasters called Deep Trance and Techno. It was made by Sharooz Raoofi (Then he create his own Sample Collection called Sample Magic, I’m sure you all know this collection)

When I heard his loop I felt in love with it and want to make a track out of it… But these days they make more content in the collection so they make 2 or 3 stems maybe more + a loops called FULL (especially in the drumloops territory) - But this collection is old and there’s only one file with 3 distinctive sounds a Rhodes loop, a Stab loop and a FXhats dirty thing.

I contact Sharooz to asked him if by chance he kept his work for this collection, he looked for it and come back to me with a bad news… no way I can get it for whatever reason. He told me it was done on a very old computer and he havent got it anymore. Anyway it was very nice to him to looking for and come back to me … (it’s a very nice guy)

I try by the past it was I guess 8 years ago, everything slice, midi conversion, recreate the loop entirely from scratch ! never get chance to be sufficiently close with the original aspect grain…

I came back to this loop today with some new tools, new tools I haven’t in my hands 8 years ago… and it will be the started point to a Topic “Stay creative even by recycling Loops”

I hope some of you will find it useful, inspiring…
SO no more teasing ! I have two things on my board for this end of the year for Elektronauts
Stay tune !