[ Debate ] Sample Collection : How you use it?


I think what your seeing in this example is less to do with using sample packs and more to do with a lot of EDM genres (and other genres to a lesser extent) being extremely cookie cutter. Literally anything labeled “future bass stadium edm” sounds exactly like this. The sample packs exist because people want to make that exact type of shit.


I’m not saying it’s exactly the same. But in Sample Pack nowadays you have synth patches, construction kits, Every Stems is design, mixed and mastered so it’s sounds better all together within the sample pack collection released name. SO we are not that Far, Kingtiers :wink:

This one for instance is not a Future Bass EDM :
And someone could released it without changing much on it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Take Care:
i’m not against one-shots (drums and synth) and not against percussions parts/loops… everything other i’m more dubidative on the subject

But as i said i think earlier in the post i accept any divergent opinion than mine, and do not intend to convert people to my way of thinking. just an open discussion on something i think is important regarding music. Because music is important to me - i guess for a lot of people it is too…


From my experience, though, the more extensive “preset” types of sample packs are always geared toward getting an exact type of genre style. In particular stadium EDM genres and really generic trap beats. Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t making music because they are creative. It’s a business and riding someone else’s wave is very marketable.


Anyway i give music courses and debate on that subject with students this week… i also debate with some artist friends (accomplished) on the techno music scene… and i would like to share and extent this old post i make :slight_smile:

Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t making music because they are creative. It’s a business and riding someone else’s wave is very marketable.
Yes this music starts to become food to maintain the name of the artist in the sales to get the bookings … It is for this reason that I try at my level to make think


Construction kits are just off-the-shelf ghost producers :joy:


I don’t care what other people do, but I think sampling can be extremely creative & artistic. Just as creative as designing sounds from scratch. It depends. It depends on what you sample, the equipment you use & what you do to the samples.

Someone just gluing together loops or one shots & using sound packs might not be a creative approach, but the same goes when someone just uses synth presets.

How creative & artistic someone is depends on the process & equipment as well in my opinion… I wouldn’t say using a DAW & clicking a mouse is more creative & artistic just because you are using synth sounds. Compared to making a song using sounds from 5 different records, chopping it all up into tiny pieces without a waveform view, running the sounds thru effects, shaping them into something completely different & making the song without a sequencer.

What I mean by the above, is it’s not black & white, that’s for sure. There are a lot of factors.


I agree with this 100% -
Edit (sorry I thought William Wild said this) - Kingtiers quote:
Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t making music because they are creative. It’s a business and riding someone else’s wave is very marketable.

But I think it’s the same weather it is sample based or synth based.


I can’t disagree on that, sampling from vinyl, field recordings etc… of course sampling is creative & artistic

Yes more or less… if we considered Acoustic or Electro-Acoustic people use intruments eventually put some effects devices in the chain… (but the sounds are from manufacturers, sound signature then comes from sound effects chain, way to play, written melodies, arrangements, even improvisation…)

But it’s music as long as it is some original writings for the Bass, Synth, Guitars, Lyrics and even of course Track Construction etc… (then no need to debate if all people act like this)
That’s why i don’t really have complaint about people who use Synth (oneshots sample or presets if it’s their melodies, bass line, arrangement, etc… )…

Even if in Electronic music i appreciate when most of the content is “new” or “really personal” But yes you right when you say it is not or black or white… of course. It’s not a simple subject here…


Yes i was about to tell you that. Not from me but agree too on that statement


It’s definitely not black and white, and everyone needs to decide for themselves what constitutes originality. However, I’d argue that the presence of un-originality, or un-authenticity is something every music-maker can feel in their creation, if they are paying enough attention to themselves. It’s going to be a different line in the sand for each person, but you KNOW when your creation feels like a cheat, or lazy, or derivative, even if someone else can’t. I believe those feelings are important to mind, if you want to become a better artist. I figured out some time ago, that using loops pre-made by anyone other than myself, made me sad, even when thoroughly mangled. Can’t put my finger on why, except to say that I don’t feel as close to the music when using them. Yet I don’t have the same negative feeling using one-shot drums, or sampling obscure loops from my own record collection, though my preference is still to make my own field recordings and/or synthesize my own sounds. Go figure. It’s just what works for me, and is totally subjective. The result is that I rarely buy sample packs, and if I do, all of the looped material goes immediately into permanent archive. I have gotta say though, I think the trend of “construction packs”, genre packs, or whatever, is really gross. The whole edm color-by-numbers thing leaves a really bad taste in my mouth, and I wish it never became an element of our art form. I can absolutely understand first liking a track, then changing your mind after finding out that it was produced in this manner. We do this with consumer goods all the time, why not with music? Anyway, my music takes longer to produce, but I’m much more proud of it in the end.


Can’t be more agree with that… You right there’s also Self-Satisfaction and that’s not the same for each person. Kind of degree of interest / respect for art or music etc…


Saying that sampling isn’t artistic is just elitist bullshit that people say to make themselves feel better. Granted if you buy a loop pack and stick a bunch of loops together you aren’t making original music but who says original is inherently better? I personally don’t use loop packs cause it removes the entire point/fun for me but no one should assign it to themselves to declare the true definition of “art”.

Some people want to make music, some people want to make money, some people want to make noise, who gives a shit how or why. At the end of the day you can have a 20 grand modular in your Berlin studio, only record to tape and hang out with the upper echelons of up and coming avant garde creatives- but some kid somewhere buying a loop pack can end up with more fame, money and happiness than you can dream of. Is that not art in itself?


Music I listen to could as well be made by an IA for all I care… as long as it’s good (and everyone has an idea of what is good). I’ve seen enough big respected names copy/paste stuff from akaï cds back in the days, it was no different than what abletunes is now. However I find the process to assemble pieces from a construction kit to be very boring. Maybe that’s something some pros do.


Clearly we would not agree together. By cons, you have your arguments … This post or what I say, it should not be seen as arrogance to hold the absolute knowledge, I insisted on it.

So I do not start arguing I already know the outcome. Your point of view is as interesting as mine and all the others… :wink:

For me to assemble elements from other people (without doing anything i mean just drag and drop in ableton live) is not rewarding, I do not feel to create something. And I judge whoever does it … On the other hand, if he succeeds : good for him. it just makes me feel sad for those who really compose/write and do not assemble (play puzzle is not making a painting to me. period.)


Definitely agree with you. I only talked about it in the context of sample packs because that’s what the thread is about.


Let’s talk about Duchamp now… :wink:

(yeah, I don’t get it either)


btw, I’ve been to abletunes and tried the techno section… and guess what: that shit ain’t techno. That shit is shit :joy:


:joy: :rofl: who knows… :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the part I see an issue with. You can say it’s not arrogance but if you aren’t aware it comes across as very arrogant to gatekeep what is and isn’t art and announce it online. It’s cool to have an opinion, I can understand why you don’t see drag and drop musicians as creative, I don’t think anyone is saying they are though so this post comes across as a soapbox to stand on and tell new musicians you’re judging them and you’re better than them. I don’t really support the use of loops like most musicians, but I’m not out here denouncing it as “real” and discouraging new potential artists from finding their feet


Everyone judge everyone i guess, then you say :

  • i like it
  • i don’t like it…
    I don’t really see arrogance here … maybe i’m wrong

but I’m not out here denouncing it as “real” and discouraging new potential artists from finding their feet

Therefore i agree with that but giving way and advises is not to me : discouraging
On the contrary. I hope that everyone take my remarks in hindsight and do what they want.