Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


i just competed my fabfilter collection. awesome sale there


Did anyone try the Arturia software effects ? they are on sale but not for long


Also interested in this, my offer is £99 for all 9 of their filters etc. Ends today.


Oeksound Soothe and Spiff will be on sale from 19-22.04.


Not sure if this is an error, but this is a good price for an Analog Keys.


Loopmasters has a pretty good sale going on right now. I picked up three sample packs for ~$5 each.


Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-420

Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-420 on sale at for $679.

Just ordered it. Great for people like me who want an investment of a first modular case and are about to black hole their wallet on modules.

Edit : Deal ended early morning of Apr - 22 - 2019


They seem to have confused the Four for the Keys. Still a good price


UVI is running a sale on all their products. (At least as far as i can see it’s all.)

50 dollars or euros off purchases of 169 or more – code EASTER50

30 dollars or euros off purchases of 100 or more – code EASTER30

Plus Waverunner which normally is 199 is now 69, 50% off plus the 30 voucher.

Good only through April 23rd end of day, so you don’t have a lot of time.

I’m thinking about picking up Meteor – i bought KeySuite on their last sale.


UVI’s sale makes no sense. They don’t have any products that are $100. They should say $30 off of $129+. Well, in the US at least.


If you do sound design – another UVI sale on their new Whoosh FX module. It’s along the lines of their Meteor.
It is $99 until May 6th. and will be $149 after.
There’s an overview video of Whoosh here.


Musicians Friend and Guitar Center (they are part of the same company) has this up. The Moog stuff is on sale elsewhere (for instance Sweetwater) as part of Moogfest celebration – but notice the prices on the MiniBrutes.

MF and GC also have other stuff listed on sale as “call for price”, so they’re probably restricted about advertising the prices on that stuff.

So if Grandmother is on sale, maybe next year Matriarch will be too?


Have to admit I was briefly tempted by the Elektrons and DFAM being on sale. Putting off buying a DFAM and possibly Digitakt until next year’s Matriarch sale :wink:


PSP Audioware on Facebook - “For next 99 hours only, we’re offering PSP 2445 EMT at a completely insane 80% discount for $29.99 US only! Buy it now!

from what I read on the interwebs, lots of people are very happy with this thing


There was discussion elsewhere about the Arturia Mellotron plugin – so maybe some will be interested in this one too.

GForce has a sale (50% off) on all their “tapes” that work with their plugin Mellotron emulation, the M-Tron Pro. You can go here to see more on the M-Tron Pro, and press GShop if you want to see prices and order stuff.

GForce Software is promoting the release of an upgrade to M-Tron Pro. They have added a bunch of cool features, in particular one like the hack people did with their real Mellotron where they’d reach in and slow the fly-wheel running the tape loops and get a dip in the pitch - Dave Spiers calls it “the brake function”.

The new version of the G-Force M-Tron Pro is a free update for those who already own the software.


I’ve got the M-Tron pro, I’m looking forward to this update.

But still, I think I’m going to prefer the Arturia just because the interface will probably be better also NKS(one day I’ll get one of those keyboards)


The interface is something else GForce improved apparently.


It’d be pretty hard for it to go any other way though ! - good to hear this though, an easy update to miss out on !


I rest my case - this is for Mojave Dark Mode … it’s anyone’s guess which buttons to press


as it happens it’s all the ones on the right - I resorted to exploring in High Sierra !

ironically the UI resizer for the scaling does not work remotely intuitively either, it’s all way way too clunky, hey ho ! - at least it looks a bit better

edit : doesn’t even upload the new manual for a Mojave install !


Aw shucks.

I guess the GF stands for “G’Nice F’try”