Arturia V Collection 7


I just received the email notifying me about it now. I swore I wasn’t going to buy it, but then I clicked in and saw Mellotron, Synthi and CZ V

Darn Mellotron! I love that sound, I feel manipulated and predictable

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might get it myself, dont have the DX7 either so it might be a good time to upgrade my collection.


Oooh! You’ve got a lot of good things to look forward to(DX7, Mellotron, Buchla Music Easel, Mellotron, Synthi, that CZ V might be cool, also the Mellotron)


I’m annoyed that the “loyalty” upgrade price for me is still $199 despite owning Collection 6, Pigments, SparkLE, and all the preamps/filters/compressors.


Me too, and that it’s only a limited time only deal- not to mention that once that deal ends your special offer is to save $1 by purchasing them all together. Not to mention they become 1 item instead of three where I don’t think you can sell licenses to plugins you don’t care for

If it were $50 less, I’d be more inclined to purchase them now. But for this “limited time deal” I think there’s greater worth in timing my purchase right than striking while the irons hot


me too. Gorgeous


You just have to wait a few months and it will be on sale for 99 as it is after every upgrade.


is that now? im for sure going to upgrade but im unfamiliar with Arturia’s upgrade and deals.


If you guys can wait till Black Friday it usually goes down to 99 for previous v collection owners .

I came from v collection 3 to 6. My dance card is full playing catch up with version 6


Thanks for the heads up! Definitely don’t have any immediate need for the upgrade - but I foresee myself needing this stuff on my computer.

Good thing they let you play in demo mode infinitely until you’re ready to buy!


I got V Collection 6 and have had Gforce Mtron Pro (which I use extensively in all my production…Not even sure how it ends up on so many tracks lol) for like six years lol. Seeing as I just upgraded to 6 half a year ago I’m not so inclined to upgrade to 7…

I am curious what they’ll do with the Mellotron though. They always put a neat spin on their more classic synths so I wonder what’ll make this one different.

Also I made an Octa chain a while back that has 25 pitches of the Mtron strings from C2 to C5. That’s been working pretty well.


Apparently with the Mellotron you can load your own samples into it and I believe use it as an effect for live processing to have that classic sound




I might have been way off on the live processing(would have been cool though, but yeah, you can load your own samples into it, definitely.

I’m not sure how well that would go down though. Didn’t the original Mellotron have separate samples for each note? Or was it all repitching of a single note?


Definitely separate samples. It was literally little bits of tape that were played back when a key was pressed.


That’s what I thought. I wonder how it will be implemented in the Arturia

Though, I think the m tron repitched


I’m sure it’ll have cool time-period-like effects such as their phaser, tape delay and stuff.

I look forward to the “Moody Blues” and “Beatles” presets though…Wonder what they’ll be called? Strawberries for Beatles? White Satin?

Dreams of Tangerine?

Not very original lol


Strawberry pad?


For anyone playing around with the demos. Avoid the preset “Bees” on the CZ V.

Jump scare and ear damage


I did this little robotic noodle trying out some of the new instruments. :happy: