Dc11 - modular synth & deep techno


I thought I would make a thread to collect together the music that is slowly trickling out. So far I have three tracks that came out each on a different V/A compilation, and a solo four tracks EP scheduled for January on Cosmic Wave Records.

I’m very happy to have music out, that people other than me have decided to put my music out :slight_smile:

This one is maybe more straight techno , dryer, faster, more angular, with the pure Verbos sound allowed to seep through.

This one is certainly the most minimal and deep I’ve recorded, and I’m very happy it’s been released. it’s mostly atmosphere with a steady kick drum.

This one is different in that the main line isn’t the modular but the Lyra 8 ran through the modular - as the name implies mainly a lpg to chop that continuous chord and a phaser. It’s definitely one of the most upfront tracks I’ve recorded and I’ve always really liked it so once again, I’m happy that it’s out !

As always for snippets :



The second track is excellent , kind of stuff I’m into :+1:


Thank you :upside_down_face:


Some new stuff going out very soon, my first solo ep. Four tracks done entirely on the modular, stereo live takes again. These were done during the first confinement period in France back in March and I’m super glad they are coming out. Mastered by koschitzky mastering who does all the Pole Group Stuff (Oscaro Mulero etc…)

Here’s the rundown :

First preview of Naka Coffee on Lost in Ether :

A little taste of every track :

Pre order on bandcamp : Immersion [CWR007] | dc11 | Cosmic Wave Records

Also of note, two of those tracks were played by Ruben Ganev in his recent podcast for Spectrum Paris. Great stuff if you’re into the deeper & more percussive streches of techno.


Some great stuff again, Watch out for Dc-11 !!! :+1:
Going to have a good listen later, real quality tracks

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Seconded, this is really nice stuff :ok_hand: Got any more details on your setup etc?


Yeah would definitely like more details on your set up / studio


Great stuff as always!

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@insect @tdmusic @Adelock Thanks, much appreciated :slight_smile:

The setup back then was very similar to what I use in that video except a few bits and bobs in the top case (Loquelic Iteritas Percido and Random*Source Res EQ instead of the DFAM I think). Also the kick was WMD Crater instead of the SSF. There is also a H9 and Space pedal offscreen for FX.

Usually I fiddle around until I have a semblance of a track (again, quite similar vibe as in the video) then spend half a day playing and playing it until I feel like I’ve nailed the “tension” and do a few live takes until I have something I think is good.

Back then I didn’t have the means of multi tracking (I could have done it part by part but every time I’ve tried I’ve felt it sucked the life out of the tracks; it’s a very loopy/repetitive kind of music so the line is very thin between good and plain boring I find). Once it’s in the box I eq a little and that’s it. It’s rough around the edges production-wise but it’s a good exercise since it forces you to have everything sounding the best you can before it enters the DAW.


Naka Coffee is great, had it running occasionally the last few days! :alien: :alien:
Also looking forward to the last track of the EP.

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Ah amazing, I look forward to watching this later! Thanks!

This way of working is definitely intriuging, I have a friend who makes some great techno in a somewhat similar way - he plays on his modular and records everything, then chops it up and arranges the track in a DAW. I need to get more into this kind of way of thinking I think! And maybe one day get into the modular game :joy:

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Yeah definitely have a good watch of this later, definitely the way I am going with track making, jam and record and get those happy accidents along the way. I’m done with other ways of making music


@Lauli Thanks ! The rest will be out very soon :slight_smile:

@tdmusic In the past I’ve had absolutely zero patience chopping stuff in the DAW but as time goes on and I’m trying to get better at it it gets a bit more enjoyable. Even now that I can multitrack the idea is mainly to be able to record in one go still, very few overdubs; but with the flexibility of having each track separate.

@Adelock It’s definitely quicker and more fun. Then again I would also like to step up my production game so I’ll have to spend a bit more time in the DAW hehe.


Great video by the way, and also looking at the others on your YouTube channel, not got any modular myself , closest I came was a kilpatrick phenol which I loved but I haven’t got the time for patching, it’s good to see some great music being made with the modular though

@Adelock Thank you ! Modular is the way I can best channel or come up with ideas; I love it. But I agree that it may be not for everyone. There’s a lot of shit music being made with modular, just like with any instrument pretty much.

In other news :

The ep is now out ! You can listen/support on bandcamp and stream it on every streaming service known to mankind. I’m super happy that this is now out; if you told me a few years ago when I didn’t even have a synth let alone Live installed on my computer that I’d have an techno in my name I would have had a hard time believing you.


Well it’s great quality techno in the style that I like, it’s not easy to make, you have to have an ear for it, I’ve tried myself countless times and failed, only now am I feeling that I’m getting closer to the sound I’m after. Looking forward to this release and seeing how you progress , you should look into having the ep featured on Hate or Acidalia for greater exposure. It’s definitely good enough to be featured on there .

It really takes a while ! I feel this releases marks the first time I’ve reached something I was after, but there’s more to be achieved for sure :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words again. I think the ep will be on a big youtube channel at some point, I’ll post it here when that’s the case.

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This is right up my alley. Some very inspiring and great sounding tracks! I never was a techno guy but elektron machines are pushing me in this direction. At the moment I’m producing similar stuff and I hope I will release some of it in the future.


would be cool to hear the differences between tracks before masters and after… overstayer is gonna be your new mumma, Enjoy! Feel free to post demos of it’s processing wonders :slight_smile: