Dataline on ASM Hydra Synth

I dig this synth so much… It has a nice, comfortable interface with a full on, unique sound. Lot of experimentation and discoveries are just waiting to be found inside this very competent synth architecture.

Whats most interesting is that, using the Hydra is like a trip. It takes you to places. Without knowing where it will end. Its poetic, psychedelic, rewarding and deep.
I also found myself absolutely terrified hearing ‘call for help’ coming out from the Hydra Synth, at very early morning hours… That Random button… Its a first time for me, being scared of a synthesiser.

Because of this experience I had with Hydra Synth, I decided to release these tracks as a 12 track album. I really dig these type of instruments where it has a strong character and gives you unexpected results - such as this one. There is a very clear reason for such an instrument to exist - and this should be a very important thing to consider in these times where there are electronic music instruments coming out at a much higher rate…

What started as a simple jam video with Hydra Synth, ended up much bigger than that with all the inspiration coming from the unit… Its almost hard to put it into words.
This thing is a pure wet dream for sound designers.





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I look forward to checking this video out later.

Hope you recorded the ‘call for help’ :slight_smile:


I’m really enjoying listening to this.

BTW, is that paint brush your universal decksaver? I use one of them as well, along with a verified sheet!

Deadly, gonna spin this now :slight_smile:

Great to see youre still rockin yer MD & MnM :sunglasses:

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Lovely tunes Cenk! That synth. Wow.

I really enjoy your sound, @Dataline!

Hydra is definitely a modern/forward-looking synth, I love where you bring it. And us :slight_smile:



Loving it. Was hooked from the first track.

Yes that Hydra Synth is very impressive. Had I not just got a Digitone, I would most probably get one.

Love the use of different instruments in the video. The TB03 sounds so nice, and I love to use the DFAM in unusual ways. Will check out the album properly later.

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This album sounds like you had something going on in you, and it is expressed very good. Congratulation. It is way more than just what gear can do. Actually i think saying anything about the gear is not doing the justice to how good music and ideas are.


Really great mix of instruments, very much my taste and interest. @Dataline you smashed it with this one.

Exactly what I thought. Something hidden in cenk’s brain that crawled into his synths. Didn’t we all have this moments. I really enjoy this stuff the most

Yes we did, but i haven’t personally done anything remotely so complete. Hopefully i will . So yeah, good staff :muscle:

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