Dark Rumbling Techno Kick w/ RYTM?

this a question for all RYTM-owners who make Techno.
Im thinking about complementing my OT with a RYTM. Apart from all the fancy stuff the RYTM can do, Im hoping that the Kickdrum will be nice.
Im tryin to achieve those deep, dark, rumbling, forward pushing Kicks, like in those tracks for example:

Ive seen that Ansome (the guy from the second track) uses one, though I dont know if his Kick is coming straight out of the RYTM. Maybe he did lots of extra processing on top.
Ive been tryin to achieve such Kicks with my MBase 11, but I dont really get there.

So is it possible to get those Kicks out of the RYTM without having to put FX pedals and what not behind?
Any advise on how to create such a sound with the MBase and the OT, or in general, is also very welcome!


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Lots of paths will get you there with a Rytm, and without the need for anything external.

The following are Rytm kick tips.

Try a long decay on your kick, with the LFO set to ramp, with a slight overdrive as the LFO destination.
Also, high pass filter with resonance up to help boost the sub range.

Or playing around with the peaking filter in the sub range. I like running an LFO on the freq to sweep down into the subs during the decay.

You could also use the reverb just for the kick but cleverly filtered and ducked/gated by using p-locks in the FX track.

You can get big kicks without these techniques too, the HPF in the Compressor helps a good bit.

Good luck


You want to be using some LPF filtered reverb for that kind of kick. The Rytm one is OK, but you’d do better either with an external verb. The gated verb on the Machinedrum is awesome for this technique, btw.

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that is some awesome weird ass shit OP has posted there! … i would say… whoever comes up with those kinda kicks can get a pizaa, oh, Mr Adam Jay seems to be still in the lead :9o …
.that sort of music tells quite a story … what do we call that genre? rush old school techno ??? (the 2nd track with the rubber person in the cell )

last but not least: to my ears: that kick sound seems achievable with the AR

Also, kicks like that tend to have v/heavy multiband compression of the bottom end, which I think it where a lot of that distortion comes from also.

Hi Adam. Cheers for those tips.
Do you refer to decay in the AMP page or the SYNTH one, or both?

Hi Adam. Cheers for those tips.
Do you refer to decay in the AMP page or the SYNTH one, or both?

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thanks a lot guys, especially AdamJay! Gonna try out your tips now with my MBase and the OT. Lets see how far I can get with that

I think the key is layering a sample. Listen @1:42 in the second video. You hear the bottom of the kick drop out and a noisy pulse in its place.

What I would do is get a sample with a sharp attack transient and long noisy decay to layer it subtly under the analog kick. The noise acts as a pseudo-reverb, which helps it sound bigger.

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didnt notice that, thanks for the hint!
tried all the tricks here with the MBase, unfortunately everything I came up with sounded absolutely horrible :sob:

Reverb is what makes the rumble, gated, or compressed side chain or otherwise, or reverse reverb, whatever pulls or pushes the kick like you want . It rumbles because it’s a mix of many low frequencies. I suppose you could lpf noise too

Indeed Reverb seems to be the key, got the best results with LFOing the Dry/Wet of the Reverb

Don’t be afraid to crank that pre delay up, either

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Ive been tryin out different techniques over the past few days and I think I finally came up with something that works for me:

  1. Reverb, put pre-delay to the fullest, assign the dry/wet to an LFO to keep the punch and get the tail pumpin a little. also LPF the Reverb
  2. Add Noise, less in the sense of distortion, rather simple background noise. Then Compress it, get the noise moving/ pumping a little. The Noise plus Compression makes it grittier somehow, almost like with tape recording.
  3. HPF with a bit of resonance to emphasize the Bass + LPF down to about 200-400, where the punch is
  4. For top end, add whatever you want, some sort of snapy noise, any drumsound, you name it

Not sure how well this will work in the long run, just wanted to share my experiences. In case anybody tries this, let me know how it worked for you :+1:

I’d like to try this… I rely heavily on the high frequencies of the reverb for hats and such but I guess it could work for a particular kind of track.

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oot : :heart: the29nov

I d say

  1. fm
  2. overdrive
  3. layer some other shit (low toms)
  4. hybridize with another sample
  5. (as said here before) multiband compression
  6. a kick is only as good as the other components in the track… and int he above tracks, there is a lot of industrial distorted hi frequency range… a general feel of organic metallic machinery warehouse with slight reverb and a lot of dimension…sound stage wise … …

A littlebit late to the game. But what about just creating a techno rumble with standard Ableton techniques (plenty of tutorials on YouTube) and then just sample the rumble into rytm and layer it over the kick.