Cyclone TT-606


Yeah, I don’t have any dedicated drum machines (well, except for my dad’s HR-16 and a semi-broken DR-55) so it could actually be useful to focus, hmmm


Welp, ordered one again.
My outlook had totally changed because the direction my music has taken is more solidly electro.
I rely on Rytm less and have started to miss the TT-606, even with an Acidlab Drumatix being heavily used almost daily.
It’s the whole variation of the 606 sound that I like, and the vibe of accent+analog voices vs sample playback.

That and 10% off made it $315 which is really just a steal considering the total package. MIDI spec and individual outputs, included cover/case, etc.

I’m still not crazy about the hats, but from the samples I have of my last TT-606, I’ve figured out some ways to get them crunchier with effects. And the MIDI spec is good enough that I can trigger real 606 hats in my TM-2 if necessary. Will lose some vibe but might gain something with a mix of the two hat sounds.


I’m amazed Cyclone hasn’t published the full (final v.1.0) PDF manual of the TT machines.
There are so many little bonus things the sequencer can do that are only represented in the paper manual.

  • There is a global accent option, in addition to individual instrument accents.
  • There is a live step repeat/live roll function.
  • There is a way to momentarily mute a single instrument without going into the mute/mix mode.
  • Additional Nuance timings (9 per LFO shape, not just 5).
  • Pattern unroll (copy pages when expanding pattern length).
  • Auto-Fill, with interval change.
  • Flam time adjust.

This thing is more complex than I remember it.


And finally the PDF manual is online:


Just ordered mine - I’m pretty excited to play with the sequencer!

Anyone tried one of those step-up USB voltage converters with this thing? Since it doesn’t have its own batteries, it seems like it’d be nice to run it off a power bank.


I’m pretty sure they use 9v negative tip power, so like a typical guitar pedal type, maybe there is an adapter to reverse the polarity of a standard + tip powerbank, or a guitar pedal type power bank?