Cyclone Bassbot mk2 manual

hi guys does anyone here have a pdf of the manual of basbot v2. i lost mine and the customer service of cyclone does not even respont to my emails. its a little tricky to programm. on their page there is only manual for basbot v1. would be really great. thx…

It seems that the manual for the TT303 V2 (or mk2 or 2nd generation…) Exists only in paper version.
However, my guess is that it should be pretty close to the first generation (manual available online). Have you tried?

Ah, I was also searching for it recently and gave up. But I should still have my printed manual somewhere. If I find it, I could scan it.

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that would be great. the cusomer service of cyclone sucks totally. thought about buying one of those drum machines. but no i wont.

in some ways it is. but there is a bunch of new functions. and bytheway it is the only one company i know not able to post a manual. is not so cheap that machine. wont buy anything else of them so…

Aren’t the new functions applicable to both hardware versions? I thought os2 worked for both?

no idea.i have the v2 hardware. never seen the v1.

On closer inspection it looks like they added quite a few extras to hardware V2 so it might be a completely diff OS

This is for OS 2 so it covers the added functionality of the Bass Bot mk2.

A month ago when I looked at the specs on their site they were talking about MIDI CC control of all Bass Bot parameters :smiley:
I emailed them about that and they replied “we’ll be in touch soon” … A few days later they removed the misleading info from their sites. For some reason they have two sites, the other being , which is the only place to find Cyclone Studio v2 - which is what you need to backup your patterns from the mk2 Bass Bot.

Their websites suck, their support sucks but : The Bass Bot is frigging awesome so I can’t complain. Anyone who says it’s not the same sound as the original needs to do a blind test. And the sequencer blows away the original by a lot.

Their drum machines do have MIDI CC control …

I have the MK2 printed manual so if there’s anything in particular that you think isn’t covered by the pdf I linked, let me know and I can post photos of the relevant pages.

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without a doubt the bassbot is a great machine. i dont care if its sounds near enough to the 303, thats purist stuff, i need only a acid machine sounding tight not original. The lack of cc controlle is another point i dont get. and the support. well unbelievable in the year 2017. i am pissed about that i lost only one manual in my live. and its the only one thats not uploaded.

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thx for the offer. xmas holidays i will go back to learn it back that machine…

After telling cyclone i wil l sell it and buy a roland, they responded to my emails. now i got a original manual via post. thx cyclone


Ok, yeah. So away from my printed Mk2 manual I try to find a pdf-copy… No where to be found, jesus fucking christ. They would sell more Mk2 TT-303 if they managed to share the FUCKING manual.

The firmware 2.0 manual for the Mk1 version covers the basic, but there’s more stuff. And now it’s a guessing game…

Edit: I’ve calmed down… Next time I have the manual in my hand I’m going to create a PDF and share it so others and myself have a chance to understand the ARPEG, LAB, and LOOP EDIT modes on this little silverbox.

I have a scan of the V2/MK2 Manual,



Thank you very much Mr AdamJay!

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22 MB high resolution, thank you man

I’m here for the people.

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You sure are. AdamJay for president!

Thank you! Super helpful!

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