Cuckoo Syntakt tutorial

I made a Syntakt Beginners Mega Tutorial. Unscripted as usual, but I managed to cover a bunch of topics. Chill out and enjoy :heart::zap:


it’s a great tutorial! Thanks!

A dedicated table of contents would be good, but you can also read it on the video screen.

I miss something about the “TRIG MODIFIERS”, but they aren’t that well thought out either.
Performance buttons like the device would have been better.

I found this video helpful from the perspective of a first time Elektron product owner. I used this tutorial the other night and got about half way thru and now I’m experimenting with sound design before moving on. The tutorial moves at a nice pace, but I usually watch in 5 minute chunks and then practice playing the Syntakt for a while before moving on.

The semi-transparent overlay of the screen in the video is a nice touch. And having a clear view of the unit throughout was helpful as well … being able to see the order that buttons and knobs are manipulated is pretty important in learning.

Having knowledge like this available to unleash creativity is a real blessing that should not be taken for granted.


Always dig your content, Cuckoo. This one’s a little beginnery for me with my DT/DN experience, but still able to glean some nuggets of wisdom.

I can only imagine how many Elektron n00bs you’ve helped have great experiences with such gentle, thoughtful instruction (including me when I was a fresh acolyte).

Thanks for all you do.


Yes, this. :point_up_2:t4:

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Hi Cuckoo!
Watched the whole tutorial and find it helpful, but more focused to first time Elektron users. Based on the title of the video, I supose there will be a more in depth second tutorial. I’m waiting for this second tutorial like a child in Christmas. Hope to be upload in the next days / weeks. It would be cool.

When I started with Elektron machines, I really really really appreciated your Digitakt and Digitone full tutorials and watched them several times.

May thanks for your job!


My sentiments exactly :grinning:

Thank you Cuckoo. Love you videos brother. Such a likable light hearted guy too.

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This tutorial really helped me to get started, thank you Cuckoo!

Thanks a lot Cuckoo! I’ve watched it many times in anticipation of receiving my Syntakt and it really kickstarted me :green_heart:

Thanks so much for making a beginner-friendly tutorial! It is much appreciated, as this is my first Elektron device. :clap:

Nice tutorial that acted like a universal translator. My Swedish certainly improved a lot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks a lot and looking forward to part 2!