Critter & Guitari - EYESY Video Synthesizer


Very cool. I love Critter and Guitari products, I’ve had a Pocket Piano (non-MIDI) and an Organelle (v1) and they were both solid little instruments.

Ooh, this looks great. Gonna back this tomorrow (payday). Thanks @TonyDS!

OMFG yes

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You don’t have to wait if you don’t want to, you won’t be charged until the project end date even though it seems like it’s going to charge your account right away, you’re actually just authorizing it. For this KS, you won’t be charged for 20 more days. I really really want to back!


If I as doing shows, I would definitely back this. Very cool, can’t imagine what an Octatrack would do with this thing.

Reminds me of my ZX Spectrum loading screen


Awesome. I’m on it then. Thanks :pray:

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What software program provides the visuals? Like, what program am I sending the MIDI to from the hardware?

Thanks for the heads-up on this… Really tempting

The software is running on the device itself.

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look fun

It says this on the KS page: Modes are written in the Python programming language.

I don’t think it’s a software program per se… it’s running python scripts and by the looks of it very simple too.
It’s a clever little box but if you have even basic coding experience you can easily create these visuals in Processing too.
Adapt code with a specific audio / midi library and you’re good to go.
I started making visuals like this many years ago when I first started to learn Processing.
You can also do this and way more complex stuff with VVVV, a midi patch and or fft analysis.
The learning curve is about as complex as an Elektron sequencer :wink:
If you don’t wanna learn how to do it yourself and want a box to go this looks great and a good way to keep a brilliant company going strong!


Damn I love video synths from the little experience I have with them. P-locking visuals is a lot of fun. The stuff coming out of this I can see someone with an op-1 and one of these getting a ton of views, similar vibes

Not sure I get this one looks just like the etc with the exception of the website to manage scenes. The visuals look pretty identical too. Why not just call it a etc mk2?

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This actually makes me more interested. It would be a fun way to keep up some python skillz. Alas, I don’t really have any time for a deeper dive right now.

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This looks interesting. I wonder how much use I could get out of it without knowing coding?

Does anybody know, could I import my own images (photos etc) to use with this?

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I’m tempted, looks interesting to match with digitakt/digitone set… but I wonder how flexible it is, because I’ve just watched a demo with 2D visuals, and 8 bit looks like, I don’t like that style. Do you could handle photographs inside? Video?..

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Well, finally I’ve supported this with reward on kickstarted.
If looks like ETC and pygame module programming. I found resources to play video, photo and simulate 3d on pygame. I don’t know if would be works on this EYESY, but anyway I’ll give a chance.