Creative use of Modular Live Setup

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The real unsung hero of this performance is Ableton Live Arrangement View.


Well, it’s called Live set for a reason, isn’t it? :rofl:


Lol yeah I was gonna say from a brief skip through, it sounds more like Ableton than Modular. Looks cool tho :joy:


Well… I guess we all have our definition of suckiness.

Disclaimer: this isn’t my kind of music. Just trying to understand it.

But it works well at low volume as background noise while I’m working. There’s nothing my brain feels like it needs to latch onto. Or I guess if you cranked up the volume (and the bass) it would be good for just blissing out on the dance floor?

Is that the idea behind this?

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Oof. Ugly thread title…
Quality control is personal.

Not even gonna listen to it…

(EDIT Thread Title has been changed)

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How pretentious do you have to be to haul some modular gear out there, wiggle your butt by the great Pyramids and fill it with cliched ‘Egyptian’ sounds? I could only handle about 3 minutes.


Almost all the Cercle sets are really good imo

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I’ll have to check this out later. Sébastian Léger has been putting out some nice tunes lately :slight_smile:

At least he tried to make a FULL modular set (explained in an interview) but realized impossible to recreate studio grade quality. Hence the hybrid setup with Ableton. Also mentioned the DIY MIDI controller which he used for reverb and delay control.

A bit surprised to not see someone dancing like that next to him:


I like this one.

Thanks. Was looking for the right words

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If you jump forward to about 11 minutes there’s a track he released before this video called Giza that I think is very good. I didn’t like that first one either.

But the point is that he’s been releasing tunes like the one 11 minutes in for the last year or two. I’m thinking Cercle thought his music fit the Pyramids and not the other way around (except that first one of course lol)

I remember when loads of artists who were playing Ableton Live sets this way jumped to Octatrack, loaded same arranged tunes and just like that became hardware only, shouting this all over social media and everybody was happy. Yet non of them ever really played live, just DJ’ing their own tracks. Now it’s the same with Modular as it became a trend.
There will always be artists who jump on the bandwagon just for the sake of it and those who will be truly committed to the scene.

OT. I do not understand one thing. Ableton is so powerful and yet I only saw Monolake who used it to it’s fullest potential, when playing live.

I’m glad you enjoyed it but I’m still of the same opinion no matter who came up with the idea. It’s like me releasing a song called Inca, getting some attention, then doing a set on Machu Picchu :joy:

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Did sash ever play in ecuador?


My favourite live sets with Modular involved are:

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