Creative use of Modular Live Setup

Yeah, you can certainly cheat like that with an Octatrack. But how exactly do you DJ your own tracks with a Euro system? All the live sets I’ve seen with modular were very obviously doing live synthesis, for better or worse. I guess if you wanted to be a coward you could just play back finished tracks from a 1010 Bitbox and play with the other modules’ knobs performatively

I guess I don’t understand why that’s a bad thing? It doesn’t making your feeling any less valid of course :wink:

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It’s tacky. Completely subjective, naturally

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Definitely maybe (lol) subjective. I have feelings like that about certain pop music. But that music is a an obvious “product”.

Sebastian Leger isn’t in that category IMSO (In My Subjective Opinion).

Yes I know: Welcome to the department of redundancy department, may I help you with problem you’re having a problem with?

Maybe I’m just trying to stick up for Sebastian Leger as well?

I would say yes.

In my opinion this style of melodic house and techno is more about atmosphere and projecting a feeling or vibe. Alternating between melancholy, hopefulness, and happiness. Contemplative and “mostly” not trying to grab your attention. Great for background at a party when you’re connecting with people but equally possible to dance and be lost in it.

My best mate is well into all this stuff.
It makes much more sense at 4am when you’re high as balls and having feelings about things.

It’s not my cup of tea but motherfucker’s got people to pay for him to do a gig in front of the pyramids. Fair play to him.


I’ve always said. If you can get all the girls at the party dancing then “everyone” will be dancing :wink:

My music is pretty melodic and has feelings. That’s just what moves me. I like a huge variety of music though.

Also this thread title draws in a bunch of modular guys. Most modular guys base quality of music on how juicy the fart noises are and the number of intelligent random noises going on. It’s melodic music so it’s probably going to be despised by about 90% of modular lovers.

Edit Note: I have a bunch of Modular and like making juicy fart noises too.

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This thread is like when a black metal band produce their record on something other than a cursed tape machine that’s been soaked in communion wine and left in the snow for a week.



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It’s funny because it seems that it’s quite what Daedelus has set up his eurorack to do:

And it’s fine, don’t get me wrong, nothing against DJing with eurorack, nor prepared linear Ableton live set with knob twidling, performing electronic music live is such a subjective matter, it’s more a matter of finding the right compromise for you between many criterias such as sound quality, control, performance, freedom, challenge, reproductibility…

When a musician performs “organic music” alone on stage, we don’t expect them to reproduce a full band or orchestra, backing music is tolerated and required, or the sound is minimal like in an acoustic guitar set or something like that. So why do we expect an electronic musician to reproduce fully fleshed tracks, without backing stems nor bandmates and have a similar sound quality to a studio track? I don’t know, if you’re going to tweak a modular, a prepared and arranged set is fair play to me.

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Is it cercle that did that one with the geezer in the hot air balloon?

Because I spent the whole video worried about his minilogue falling off.


EDIT: It was, look.

Precarious as fuck.

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Hahaha ! Too bad it’s COVID times because I‘ve released two albums last year, “méridiens” and “parallèles” that could have made me travel a lot.

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