Could someone explain the new step sequencer?

I was really happy to see Elektron added a new step sequencer in 1.2 yesterday. (Accessible by pressing the REC and STOP buttons.) I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use it though. Could someone post a high-level overview on how the new mode works? Also, what are the differences between the two modes? Thanks!

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Thank you!!

From the Manual :

STEP RECORDING is a quick and straightforward method of placing trigs on the sequencer. In this recording mode, you insert notes by pressing the [TRIG] keys or an external MIDI controller. The sequencer then captures the note and automatically advances to the next step. There are two different modes
available, STANDARD mode and JUMP mode.

standard mode will progress automatically in single trig steps
jump mode will progress in integer steps related to the length predefined on the Trig/SRC page - so you may set a Len of 4.0 and the seq will input 4 long notes on the first 16step page - it will jump entry points based on that Len value, so e.g. 1 > 5 > 9 etc aot 1 2 3 4 etc

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