CoronaVirus Thread

That’s the spirit!


By the way, if you feel stressed about this stuff, then I recommend watching the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He gives a good overview of the situation from a US perspective including good advice, and it’s also a pretty damn funny episode:


New research suggests mutations

I’ve checked every shop in my area (super markets, pharmacies, household places) and it looks like every single place has had bulk buying of hand sanitizers, hand wash, etc I couldn’t find any at all. They say that using hot water and soap is actually the best ways to stop it spreading, but it needs to happen often.


Yesterday om the news; people actually stole disinfection from public places and hospitals.
Absolute nuts.


On a side note, I work in/with sterile laboratories for my job, was talking to some lab techs and they have been told that they cannot get any sterile equipment (including their sterile ‘suits’) until late April. If they can’t get sterile supplies, then yeah pharmacies ain’t getting them to sell to the public

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I just watched it and unfortunately this situation is developing so fast a lot of the info he provided is out of date, at least in terms of figures. It was a little light on facts compared to some of their pieces but it was definitely a good watch and made me feel a bit better about the whole situation.

Also, that video at the end is… infectious

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Realtime tracker of cases worldwide:

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Figures aren’t that interesting to be honest. Even when a lot of people around you are infected, it will still be important to:

  1. Wash our hands regularly and well,
  2. Avoid touching your face before you washed your hands.

Avoiding large gatherings might make sense, but I wouldn’t go to extremes unless there’s specific advice from local government or public health organisations.

I am aware that I’m living in a place where these things are probably still better organised that where you might be living. Sorry for that.

very amusing :smiley:

I am Negan.


I appreciate how you dealt with alpha last episode

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Oh, and here’s a video of Ghen Cô Vy’ (the Corona hand-washing video from Vietnam) with English subtitles:

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I believe that they do to an extent, probably mostly though because you are less likely to touch your nose and mouth whilst wearing one.


Since tons of big events are now being cancelled, I’m worried that I won’t get to see Nick Cave and the bad seeds in may…I’m dreading the email, I’ve been looking forward to this gig most of my life ffs.

Oh and The Jesus and Mary chain at the end of March…pls don’t get cancelled!!

Dont 39,000 people in the US die every year from the flu?


I’m in southern Oregon and for my work we have many clients coming up from northern California where a number of cases have been reported. Makes me nervous but just trying to stay healthy and keep away from large groups. Hopefully everyone here stays safe!!!


It varies from year to year. This year, the CDC estimates between 18000 – 46000 since October so far.

So far, the death rate of COVID-19 seems to be at least 10 times higher than that of seasonal flu


Apples to oranges.

39,000 people die from flu with upwards of 45 million total infected.

3,221 people have died from covid-19 out of 94,000 total infected.

Do the math.

EDIT: I’ll do the math -

Seasonal flu kills .09% of it’s infected (almost .10%)

Covid-19 kills 3.43% of it’s infected

Scaled, if covid-19 was as widespread as seasonal flu, it would kill 1.54 million people

Don’t let faulty comparison dilute your judgement.


I’m seeing Tool March 11 in Portland, Tacoma on May 29 and in Vancouver May 31. Something tells me if things get worse, Tacoma’s canceled.

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