CoronaVirus Thread

But I’m still making beats :metal:t4:

My wife works for the County and all County employees have been directed to work from home.

I work for the City but still need to go into the office.

For as not real as it feels, a lot of businesses, agencies, etc are taking this pretty serious. Short of creating a panic. Crazy.

Oh well. Just thought I’d share with y’all - keep making beats!!! :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:


It looks like most countries are gearing up for a pandemic, here in the uk at least the government are telling people to expect an outbreak and be ready to self isolate. I sort of self isolate anyway, so don’t need much encouragement not to leave the house. I’ll be also here making tunes.


I work in and commute to New York City every day and although there are relatively few cases here, I kind of feel like it’s only a matter of time before it shows up in numbers.

Thankfully my job can be done remotely, but my office is pretty pissy about letting me do that since I’m basically the only one who can; everyone else interacts with customers, many of whom are tourists, and I just play on the internet all day.

At this point I’m just waiting for the right time to ask to stay home.

German people kind of went crazy over the weekend. Grocerie shelves were emptied, all means of disinfection raided and doctors are complaining about not having masks for operations. Masks that dont help against the virus.

I just hope its over soon, as I find it annoying.


waves from the Columbia Center


I can’t help but put the tin foil hat on here as it all sounds incredibly fishy. “No worse than flu” they say - so why close schools and stop “mass gatherings”?!

Anyway, I have a big piss up of a weekend in Newcastle planned for next weekend that nothing will be preventing from happening. Coronavirus can get fucked.


Stay healthy and keep making beats!

Just saw this and had forgotten we’re supposed to take at least 20 seconds to scrub our hands w/ soap - I usually just rush through it.


It seems a bit crazy as it is now. But viruses can mutate, and it could get serious very fast.


My governement just set a price limit on hydroalcoholic gel…


Two separate concepts at work here.

It is less fatal than influenza for most persons, beyond the immunodeficient.

It is spreading quite quickly while persons are asymptomatic, which is why it’s leaping so successfully around.


So rad! Waving back from SMT

I checked Ebay prices here for fun as there is no chance getting anything. its crazy. the governement here should do something similar.

my sister works in a hospital. she says to wash hands and try to keep them away from the face. other than that, chill…

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It most certainly is worse than flu. The Guardian had a decent summary recently:


This slows the spread down. Doing that is important because it avoids health services from getting overloaded.


nail biting intensifies.

Damn it…


Haha I live in Newcastle, and I can promise you the corona virus will have zero effect on anyone looking to getting absolutely off their fuckin nuts. You’ll be in good company.


No vaccine available, yet. The health system could collaps, because medical personell can’t get vaccinated.

Although I’ve read today, researchers in Israel found one…

So many death each year from Influenza, but it’s not such a threat for the medical staff.

Shops are empty of toilet paper, powdered milk etc here in Tasmania
This photo was from yesterday before stuff was sold out


Excellent! I look forward to disgracing myself next weekend.

All the Alcohol in the system will likely kill off any coronavirus attempt on me anyway.


And now people are selling toilet paper on FB marketplace :joy::joy::joy::rofl: