Copy/Paste Pattern workaround.....?

Very much in love with my new friend (Octa MK2), but I hit a little snag. Coming from AR and A4 mk1s I am very much used to building songs on the fly while the sequencer is running.
After lots of head scratching I finally realized the Octa doesn’t allow copy/paste pattern to a new track unless the following: The sequencer is Stopped, or you are on the new blank pattern, then paste it. (please please correct me if I’m wrong on this).

Anyway, I’m stumped as to how to copy/paste the pattern I’m on to a new one without stopping or getting the small (smaller with practice) silent gap when moving to a blank pattern.
Is there a workaround? If not, does this mean the Octatrack should be viewed more as “build it first then perform” versus “build it while you perform?”

Fingers crossed for an OS update to change this but until then, I would love to hear anyone’s ideas/tips/tactics to get around this.


You are right. On the OT you can only copy to a pattern when you switch to it. You need to think a bit different when it comes down to transitions …

To build while you perform you can use the crossfader transition trick. All you need to prepare beforehand is the setup of a record/playback loop track (T1 for example) and some scene settings on the other tracks on all patterns you want to use (just prepare a single pattern and copy it then around beforehand).

Check the following extensive thread to see how the crossfader transition trick works in detail …


Thank you much! I’ll check it out. There seems to be a workaround for everything in this little box.

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Yes. No alarm clock or timer, but you can do it with OT. :slight_smile:

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What do you mean no alarm clock timer?

Throw in a long silent sample with alarm at the end on a static track, adjust start point accordingly! :joy:
2gb 16bit mono file gets you 6.29881582263 hours of timer, just about enough sleep. Start points increment in units of 2.95256991686 minutes, more accurate with slices… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So wait, what are the differences between copy paste on OT vs A4?

Yeah, analogs can paste without leaving the current pattern…

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Holy crabapples

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6.3 hours of sleep isn’t nearly enough (current research is look ting to 8 being a bit less than we should be getting, actually) but I’m sure you could sort out a few hours of padding using trig conditions or the arranger.


In that case set rate to about 40, make sure timestretch is turned on :joy:




Yes! :joy:

Dog is my copilot, OT is my alarm clock. :rofl:

I don’t understand. I copy pattern 1 and paste to pattern 3, it flashes ‘paste pattern’, like its OK… but there’s nothing on the new trig… what gives ???

If possible give me a simple step by step command list of what to do… I followed the Manual Page 12.8.1 —it should work, but doesn’t. Tried it 10 times already.

In Grid Recording Mode (LED on) you copy/paste the active track, not in Grid Recording Mode (LED off) you copy/paste the pattern.

[Function] + [Rec] = Copy
[Function] + [Stop] = Paste

[Function] + [Play] = Clear
Press again to undo.


will try thanks.


This mean you’re in Grid Recording mode. You can’t use the patterrn copy in that mode.
Press the red rec button to exit.


Thanks Sez, works.

How do I add additional samples to a folder I am already working with in a project?I have about 7 samples in a folder I created for the project, with 121 Slots still open. Cant figure out the best way to access them without going to System-USB Drive-Computer, and adding them there. Or is that the only way I can do it? Or can I just go to another Audio Folder somewhere else on the C Flash card and access it? I dont know how to do that… appreciate any suggestions for the quickest way.

Overall, I am starting to understand the OT better than I thought after a few weeks, but obviously hitting a few snags here and there.

Yes you can load any sample contained in the active SET folder. Select a slot and navigate with arrows…