Comments on the Digitakt's manual

Thanks for the tip @eangman! thumbs up!

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It might be nice to add tempo charts in the manual for delay and lfo. I had a hard time without these cheatsheets.


There is already a table with the delay times in the manual. Hmm yes maybe there should be one for the LFO too. Thanks for the input.


I couldn’t find it in mine, but I was using the July version, didn’t realise it has been updated in November. I somehow assumed the manual would only be updated when a new firmware is released. Just downloaded the latest pdf and it’s in there indeed :sunglasses:

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Didn’t noticed the list in the manual. Google search for “digitakt manual” leads to the manual from 2017/06. On the website I can find a verion fomr 2017/09.

Not included are the numbers for the triplet settings.

Does the latest manual cover the 1.07 update? I have been in “babyland” since my son was born in Feb.

Yes it does.