Comments on the Digitakt's manual

I noticed some shortcuts are not in the shortcut list in the manual but are elsewhere in the manual. The list may be to big to list them all in the manual, but I’d like to see a complete list.

I printed out the old Digitakt manual and now see there is a new one. Would anyone know what pages I would need to reprint? This is a long shot but maybe someone knows :slight_smile:

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tagging @eangman into this topic…

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interesting, that was one of the first things i tried when i got mine.

Yes, that shortcut should indeed be added. As you have noticed, the list of shortcuts in the manual don’t cover ever single shortcut in the machine. But just let me know if you discover things in the manual that you think are missing or things that are not explained properly, and I will have a look at it and see what I can do :slight_smile:

When it comes to what is changed in the last version of the manual, it roughly covers the changes for the 1.02 OS update. But I also have a tendency to tinker and tweak the manuals so there are a bunch of other minor changes scattered here and there in the manual.


Here’s an odd one from the manual, §10.11.5, p. 34 of the 1.02 version:

After selecting a pattern, and before releasing any key, [RECORD], [PLAY] and [STOP] can be pressed to copy, clear or paste patterns.

This operation certainly doesn’t work in 1.02: Pressing, and continuing to hold, [PTN] + Trig + [STOP] doesn’t paste, it stops the sequencer. I can’t tell if the manual’s description is missing something important, or the feature is just broken.

On other fronts in the documentation, I realize the “horse is already out of the barn”, but:

There has been obviously much user confusion over samples vs. sounds. Perhaps part of the problem lies in choice of nouns.

Consider: samples and patches
or perhaps samples and programs

Either of these might lead to less confusion.


Patches would be a good choice I think. Programs could also get misconstrued. Anyway, doubt they will change it now :slight_smile:

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Hmm i have to check that one out to see what is not right there. Thanks for spotting it!


Yes, the horse have left the station (to mix metaphors) on calling it Sounds. Sound is printed on the front panel of the Digitakt, so it’s best to get used to it. But the descriptions of sounds and samples are in the manual so hopefully it should not be a too big hurdle to know what is what :slight_smile:


I noticed long pressing the trig, filter, etc pages shows the actual values. I didn’t notice this in the manual which I read like a bible. I am however human and might have missed it in the manual.

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Pressing and holding a parameter key to show the parameters values is described in 6.2 PARAMETER EDITING. But I will have a look and maybe add this information to other relevant places in the manual. Thanks for pointing it out though. There are humans involved in making the manual also, so there are bugs that needs ironing out there too :slight_smile: Keep em coming!


Who did you use for printing? I usually just use the work printer but thought I’d quite like a properly printed and bound A5 Digitakt manual but don’t want to just go with the first to pop up on Google!

I want to get a nice spiral bound print, I hate reading manuals on the computer. So much better to have the physical copy on the desk right next to the machine. I’m holding off for a while though in case of frequent revisions.
I use doxdirect in the past. Always good service and reasonable prices.

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Cheers, had spotted them. Didn’t seem too pricey either

There are mentions of sound locks on page 33, yet it doesn’t seem sound locks are implemented?

Dang, I thought I removed that. Is it still in todays version of the manual too? (On the bus with slowwwww internet.)

Nope, gone now!

Good. Thanks for checking it for me. No Sound locks on the Digitakt.


i did notice length was spelt incorrectly on the trig parameters , page 66.

its spelt lenght in the manual…
what do i win ?