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Did anyone own up to who made the track in the teaser video?
Hella dope!



Oh you want scale per track on your Digitakt? Your Digitone? Your Analog 4?


No. You buy this plastic thing for scale per track. It is Elektron way.


Yeah, I’m trying not to be negative, but it is a bit irritating for that feature to have been skipped over all their products till arriving here now in the MS.


Bit hyperbolic when the official stance is:


Do you think it would be easier to update a bit of firmware or design an entire new product?

It’s obvious where their time in this instance was spent. The official stance is nada.


Same argument was made for entire new products getting trig conditions when the OT didn’t.

Until the OT got trig conditions.


Yes. But as far as I’m aware that was a new feature in the Elektron line? Where as this is a feature that’s been around (but left out) for a long time.


I could do the work of laying out the timeline of when trig conditions were introduced three years ago, how and precisely when new products and updated products came after, how OT users responded, all before the OT got them, but it won’t magically put the feature you want into the product you want it to be in, which is what you actually want.

Only Elektron can do that.

Like they did with Trig Conditions.


There is a slight difference where trig conditions came after the OT had stopped getting OS updates.

Meanwhile individual track scaling predated any of the newer machines and just didn’t appear on any of them till now


That’s a great point.
This thing that many many people wanted to happen, happened.
And it was less likely to happen than this new thing that a lot of people want to happen.

Hmmmmmm :thinking:


There was magic in them being able to fit this crazy new trick into the old machine. But individual track scaling isn’t some new ability- it’s an old ability dated back YEARS to not show up in any machine until the MS.

It had to have been omitted for at least 5 years


Doesn’t its inclusion of it in the M:S give you hope that implementing it into other products could happen? Especially when you see Simon’s “hopeful” response?

CTRL-ALL was another feature we didn’t see for ages and then now it’s suddenly in lots of boxes.

I don’t know, I try to be a patient person.
Right now OB 2.0 beta and M:S are having their time to shine.

If we see new firmware updates (not just compatibility updates for OB) to existing products that don’t include scaling, then I’ll be disappointed.
Until then, I don’t understand what point all the hyperbole could serve.

But to be disappointed right now, just reminds me too much of the disappointment that came when new products were released with trig conditions while the OT had not (yet). And that is the only point I am trying to make.


My (apparently now) apologist stance on it was that the OT had dedicated time-based FX per track — not all tracks had to share the same global delay/ reverb, and that their (more than frequent imo) tendency toward patternalism(heh) led them to feel hesitant to allow people to run triplets into a dotted 8th or quarter note delay.

This was (of course) purely conjecture on my part, but it was the only thing I could muster to maintain sanity when the OT got conditional trigs and we didn’t get rate scalings. :neutral_face:

(Yes, I know. Triplet retrigs exist. I just thought it was a funny thing to lighten the mood.)


I can dig it, and I’m hopeful.

It just doesn’t make sense that the MS is where it reimerged. Like, for the feature to be omitted from A4 -> present, I had a sort of understanding about why it’s not included. The Octatrack, you’re dealing with larger potentially more intricate sound sources, so that seperation of time and other tracks made more sense.


Dude! Same!


Maybe it’s not as easy to implement, but doable on the new machine for whatever reason?


I think this fosters a double standard.

Where criticism exists that the M:S doesn’t do enough, that it is too stripped down… But where it does something that is truly powerful, the criticism is put toward why that something it still excluded elsewhere.

This is not to say that the criticism isn’t warranted. In fact, it’s user demand that gives us so many features. But the hyperbole of it all? I don’t see the point.


As a budget outreach it makes sense.
As a portable device it makes sense.

That it includes a feature not implemented on the DT or AR doesn’t make sense.

I really think the irritation comes from confusion


I’d accept that for the A4, given it’s different protocol. But for the Digis, it would take an element of faith before I’d be able to accept that


Theres digi stuff in the a4 (seq code)…im sure some code could be injected to liven it up :wink: